Energy EFT Case Story: Healing Oneself with Positive EFT

Energy EFT Case Story: Healing Oneself with Positive EFT

AMT Trainer Lorna Firth has written as case story detailing her use of Positive EFT to overcome personal health issues.

Lorna writes:ย After being diagnosed with various gynaecological problems, the decision was made that a full hysterectomy was advisable as soon as possible - it was impossible to know whether the lesions were benign or malignant.

The emotions I experienced, on first receiving the news, were fear, worry and shock. Having just completed the Positive EFT course, my first instinct was to use the positive EFT skill. My first question was "What + energy form do I need right now to feel better?"

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First I tapped on courage energy, which started at a -8! On tapping on "more courage", "all the courage in the world" "Courage in every cell of my body" "courage in every area of my body" "courage energy comes to me easily", reaching a +10.

I repeated +EFT energy on "Vitality" and "strength" In the same manner reaching +10 for both.
This definitely helped and refreshed me through the coming days leading up to the operation. On a physical level I strengthened my immune system by taking supplements and made sure I ate a good diet.

At the same time as I worked with +EFT and strengthened my physical body, I tapped on the future aspect of myself for after the operation. I tapped on looking well, vibrant strength in body and mind.

So, came the day of the operation. Again I tapped on calm, courageous and survival Energy. I felt really calm as the nurses did all their checks and explained to them what I was doing with the tapping. They were all interested... an opportunity to spread the word!

Then it was off to theatre and I knew no more until I was back in recovery. Thankfully, my husband and support throughout all this, knew what to do next. One of the procedures I had taught him before is how to dispel the anaesthesia from the physical body. This is a little known Krhem Sekhem technique. He also tapped for me. "I am Lorna and I want clean energy" This worked fantastically well as I had none of the post op nausea or sickness that the other patients were experiencing.

Knowing how important it was time to take control of my own healing, I chose to use the Autogenic World with the Aspect inside. So it went like this:

Time of year - Autumn
Time of day - Just before dawn
Weather - Cold, Foggy, sticky mist
Landscape - Soupy, sticky blackness, sticky tendrils of plants hanging down from unseen trees
Aspect - Sitting on a soggy mound of moss. She is feeling weak and helpless. Head in hands. She feels the sticky tendrils round her face.

So we tapped on feeling weak and helpless and sticky tendrils. On revisiting the world, the landscape has changed a little. It feels drier, the sun is coming through the fog. The sticky tendrils have dried and are now growing round trees which were there before but could not be seen. The Aspect is feeling stronger now so we ask her what does she need to feel better. She needs a painless injection of power from the doctor. So now we tapped on painless injection of power. On revisiting the world, the sun is shining brightly from a cerulean blue sky. The fog has completely lifted. There are squirrels scampering about the place and the scent of flowers all around. The trees are covered in apple blossom. The Aspect is feeling smiling, empowered and in control.

The doctors were amazed at such a speedy recovery. I was discharged from hospital in 3 days.

Since coming home it is quite unbelievable how well I feel. It is frustrating to take the medic's advice but know how important it is so I use +EFT to help with the frustration and impatience.

Thank you EFT! AMAZING!

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Lorna Firth
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Energy EFT Master Practitioner, EMO Master Practitioner, Modern Energy Tapping Professional, Modern Energy Coach, Modern Energy Healer & Modern Stress Management Professional in Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, England & Longside, Aberfeeshire, United Kingdom.

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