EFT Case Story: A Brief Journey from Hate to Resentment to Love

EFT Case Story: A Brief Journey from Hate to Resentment to Love

EFT Master Practitioner Suheyla Pinar Alper from Turkey writes:ย Aylin, is a 17 year-old, bubbly, sensitive teenager, a first-year psychology student at university, whom I met at a friend's engagement party. When she heard I was an energist, a personal development consultant as well, she caught me at one corner of the room to whisper to me that she would love to come see me for a few sessions.

When we finally met, she told me that she had difficulty dealing with her feelings regarding 8-10 year-old little girls. She resented them, and whenever they came close to anyone she loved, she actually experienced intense hatred...

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She had tears in her eyes as she explained to me that she felt extremely guilty and bad about her reaction to these children. We started tapping on that. As we moved on, she mentioned the intense happiness and love she experienced with her mom until age 8. Her face shined with love and joy as she told me about those times.

When I asked her what happened then, her face twitched, and she said her mom started work, with no warning and totally abandoned her, that she cried for hours and fell asleep over the phone, talking to her mom at work. We tapped.

I told her this was in the past, she was safe with me now, she was now 17, but this aspect of her was only 8. I asked that she tell me this story in the third person. As we started tapping, she told me she did not want to talk about this child, she did not want to tap anymore and she started crying, telling me this child was unlovable. I told her, that aspect of herself was only eight. Then she said she needed to feel that love she missed so badly. It was like she was actually eight at that moment-her facial expression,tone of voice- and we both had tears in our eyes, we hugged, a long hug, me with tears in my eyes and Aylin, sobbing..A few minutes later I decided to switch to EMO. I asked her where in her body she felt this child. She said she could not feel it anywhere.

I decided she could have a shield there and asked her to imagine this child (her 8 year-old self) and place her anywhere in the room. She said the 8 year-old was sitting on the floor, kneeling against the wall. I asked her if I could get a real tiny bit of energy from the child and introduce it to her energy body. She accepted. Then she said her chest hurt. As she melted down that chest pain, I asked her again where she felt the child in the room. She said the 8 year-old was now sitting on a chair in the room, looking unhappy. Again, she allowed me to introduce a beam of the 8 year-old energy into her energy body. She told me now, it was her tummy that hurt.

With my encouraging words, Aylin melted down the hurt in her tummy, it moved down to her feet, she said. It took quite a long time to let that energy in her feet flow. Her feet hurt, she said, it was a stubborn energy. I helped with my hands as she imagined she poured warm water, cold water, green water, purple water over it. Finally that energy dissolved. I tested again if she felt the little girl, she said she felt so light. We tapped on her feeling light, then followed with "I totally love and accept myself". She looked very happy and light as she left.

Next day I got a message from her: "Yesterday's experience has been so precious, so valuable, so meaningful to me. A few minutes ago I played with a little girl, realizing how much I love children. This time I was neither angry, nor jealous. I thought 'I was like her too, there is no way such a young child can mean bad or harm herself'. This made me feel so good and I wanted to thank you again for yesterday's experience we shared"

I leave it to all others, working with people and for people to empathize with my feelings.

With love,

Suheyla, 2013

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