EFT Case Story: Let Your Creativity Shine!

EFT Case Story: Let Your Creativity Shine!

Aisling Killoran of the Accomplish Change Clinic, Dublin, has written a couple of  great case stories using Energy EFT to help clients bounce back.

Aisling writes: I have been working with EFT heart and Soul now since its conception and i have to say, if you trust the process, de-stress and follow the client, the change that happens is magical. Apart from explaining the process of the journey, I have never had to make a suggestion to the client on wording, as the words just flow up and out from the client and in the background the memories just pop up, with out having to go route for them!

It it such a joy and a gift to journey with them to healing and beyond.

Let your creativity shine!

Young teenager attends a session feeling like her creativity is been held back from within along with a tight feeling in her chest. She arrived in with poor posture, rounded shoulders and looking lifeless!

SUE -6

In steps Heat & Soul

De-stress x 3 rounds – major feeling of been grounded and routed!


  • I feel like I’m held back – also used this phase on all points

  • Sadness

  • Rejection

  • I need to love myself more… -2

  • I am beautiful x 3 rounds

  • I am important, I am enough

  • I am worth knowing + 1

  • I allow my creativity to shine

  • My creativity is FREE + 3

  • I enjoy the feeling of been creative x 3 rounds

  • Creative energy flows through me +4

  • I manifest creativity in all aspects of my life +5

  • Creativity x 3 rounds +8

On each point she came up with various flowing phrases.

  • Limitless creativity

  • Open creativity

  • Colourful creativity

  • Loving creativity

  • Abundance of creativity

  • Chest of creativity

  • Magic creativity

  • All kinds of creativity

  • Painting… colours…creativity in speech… creativity in thoughts + 10

She felt on top of the world and the biggest surprise was the mother’s reaction! She was blown away by the difference in her daughter. She was standing upright, her posture was unshakable, rosy cheeks and beaming :-}


I’ve got my confidence back !

A lady arrives in suffering from stress as a result of been continuously bullied by a senior member of staff. Her company sent her to me.

Sue -8

De-stress x 3 rounds

Person Stresses me out ( asked her to focus in on the person who was bullying her )

I’m a bad ***** ( many memories were coming up as she was tapping away ) -6

My confidence is gone -4 ( she felt like her confidence was in the gutter )

  • I want to get back up! -2

  • I am coming back up – 1

  • I am coming back up +4

  • I am coming back up +7 toning automatically starts to rise as energy levels were increasing

  • I’ve got my confidence back

  • I am going to be ready

  • I am ready +10

Client left feeling elated and smiling- she truly felt that she had come back into her self.  


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