EFT Case Story: Money is not the root of all evil ...

EFT Case Story: Money is not the root of all evil ...

Distant Learning EFT Master Practitioner student Helen Buche has just completed her course with Silvia Hartmann. Here she writes of how she effectively usedย Autogenic EFT Intervention to help a client who had lost her way with her business and was struggling to come to terms with it's initial success.

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Susan, age 35, came to see me because she was having monumental difficulties with money. Her face looked pale and taut and I could tell that she had been crying. As she sat before me, biting back the tears, her hands shook. She said that she had lost quite a few of her business clients in the last year and was afraid that she'd have to close down her business.

Tears rolled down her face as she told me the hopelessness of her situation. "I was doing so well, and really thought that I'd made it, when one day, in a moment of feeling really elated, this strange thought shot through my head and I haven't been able to get rid of it. It keeps coming back like a broken record. I've tried to shove it aside, ignore it, find reasons to abort it, but it's there all the time."
I asked Susan what the thought was.

She said: "Money is the root of all evil!" There was a moment of silence before she continued. "You know, I've been thinking a lot about it. And sometimes I think it's true. But on the other hand, I keep reading so much about everyone creating their own reality and don't know what to think. I need my business to keep me going, but I feel so guilty when I make money and wonder whether I'm contributing to the evil in this world."

I could sense the dilemma that Susan was in and could feel the pull that was going on in her. I decided that she needed to be de-stressed first if we were to get anywhere with our work. We tapped on "Stress" and Susan was able to reduce her stress level after 4 rounds of tapping. Then we proceeded to tap on "Energy" to raise her energy. Experience has shown me the wisdom and sanity of doing this first.
Susan perked up considerably when we were through. She definitely had more colour in her face. I then suggested that we try out the Autogenic EFT Intervention although I had only done it eight times so far. Somehow I just knew that this would be the perfect intervention for her. Susan readily agreed to this. So we started out with:

The Habitat:
It is morning, around 07:30, middle of the year, just before the summer holidays. The sun is shining outside. Around 25 school girls, around the age of 14, all dressed in their blue and white pinafores are sitting in a classroom. Desks are placed neatly in rows of 5, with each pupil having enough space to move around. To the right, facing the pupils, is the teacher's desk, filled only with an assembly book, the bible and notes placed in a file. There is a picture of the Pope and a crucifix on the wall. There are four doors in the classroom, all open to let in a slight breeze. Outside, one can hear the rustling of the leaves in the wind. A small patch of green separates the classrooms on the other side. The smell of Jasmin fills the classroom. The aspect can taste it in her mouth. She hates the smell and associates it with school. A nun stands in front of the class, teaching the pupils Scripture. The nun walks to the blackboard and writes in capital letters: "MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL!" The pupils diligently copy this into their exercise books. The aspect decides to draw instead.

We chose the set up "Money is the root of all evil," with "Money" as the reminder phrase. The aspect perks up and draws a tree stump with thick roots in it. She writes "MONEY" on the thickest root. At this stage, I can tell that the aspect is having enormous fun. Her eyes begin to light up and dance as we tap on "Money."ย The tree stump grows and begins producing branches heavily laden with money flowers which produce money. It is a lush green. The aspect draws it and tries very hard to suppress a giggle. She is still not sure what that sentence means, but it feels very good to have some fun in a boring classroom. I had to smile at this. From my previous work with Susan, I knew that this was typical of her aspect - to find some way of having fun in everything that she did. I could feel a lightness in the air, as if a fresh breeze had swept through the room.

We chose "Fun" for the next set up. The aspect colours the tree with some bright colours. She draws in some dollar notes, then feels a strange fear. The change that took place in this aspect is remarkable here. I could see her stiffen up and the joy on her face was replaced with a haunted look. It was time to work on the next set up:

"Strange Fear:" The aspect began shaking when we tapped on this. The money tree shrivels up, loses all its leaves and dies off. The aspect is shattered. She does not know why this is happening. Choosing "Shattered" as the next set up, the aspect reports that the tree is burnt to the ground from the inside. Around it, little money saplings have begun to sprout up. The aspect looks at the saplings. She waters them but feels a bit uncertain as to whether they will grown strong. We decided to tap on "Uncertainty." The saplings grow into little shrubs. They are not strong like the first tree. The aspect is distressed. She does not know how to make them grow big and strong. This time, our set up is "Distressed." As we tap on this, the aspect realizes that she has to keep a positive attitude and maintain hope in order for her money shrubs to grow. Our next set up was "Positive and hopeful attitude."

As the aspect tapped on this, the shrubs began to grow into tall and sturdy trees. The aspect realizes that she could influence the shrubs to either shoot up and grow strong and sturdy or remain stunted through her thoughts. She looks at the trees and now knows that money is not the root of all evil. It is neither good or bad. It is just energy.

I could see something lift and clear in the aspects eyes. She looked thoughtful for a second. It was a beautiful moment for me and I had to pull myself back to the present for us to find the next set up, "Money is energy. Neither good or bad." As we tapped on this, the money trees began to grow tall, strong and healthy. Money in the form of notes falls off them. They fly in the wind. The aspect looks at all the money and decides that it is really up to her whether she has money or not. Her thoughts about it depict the kind of life she will have. The set up that the aspect chooses is: "My thoughts about money depict the kind of life I will have. It's up to me." As a reminder phrase, the aspect chose, "It's up to me".ย The aspect is uncertain about having so much money. It lays in piles before her. She wonders whether she is being greedy. Whenever she thinks that she does not need so much money, a lot of it flies away from her.

Again that look of realization crosses the aspect's face. I note the question mark in her eyes. I found it hard at this stage of our work to contain myself and not chip in my two cents worth of everyday wisdom. But this aspect was doing fantastic work at finding her own solutions. We went on to the next set up: "Am I being greedy?" with "Being greedy" as the reminder phrase. As the aspect taps on this, she realizes that she does not need to sit on money senselessly or scare it out of her life. She can contribute to making this world a better place to live in by contributing to the building of shelter homes, which she has always wanted to do. The aspect decides that she can do a lot of good with money and welcomes it into her life. She feels very clear now about money.

Out next set up was "Money Clarity." A couple of rounds on this set up left this aspect feeling very happy. The initial set up had evolved into a very meaningful use of money for her. She had found out that there was no need for her to be afraid of having too much money and not knowing what to do with it or becoming greedy. Neither did she have to scare it out of her life, as she could do so much good with it. She now had an incredible security in getting her business back on its feet again.

Although I intuitively knew right from the start that working with the Autogenic EFT Intervention would help Susan's aspect achieve more clarity, I was nevertheless quite astonished at the pictures and insights that her aspect produced. I had kept an open mind and was willing to work on anything. But I hadn't expected such incredible work,ย which left two people very happy and contented.

Susan left the Practice with so much clarity and determination to get her business going in the right direction. Her parting words to me were: "I think my aspect is really my guardian angel. She teaches me a lot and always gives me a nudge in the right direction. "ย Yes. It made sense to me. Needless to say, working with the Autogenic EFT Intervention has become my favourite way of working with EFT!

Special thanks to you, Silvia, for this brilliant idea!

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