EFT Case Story: An Amazing Experience Helping a Client Overcome Horse Phobia

EFT Case Story: An Amazing Experience Helping a Client Overcome Horse Phobia

We've been documenting EFT's ability to help people overcome phobias for a very long time. In this case story, which includes some lovely photos, Sara Bern explains how she was able to quickly help a client overcome a phobia of horses that was affecting her relationship with her children.

Sara writes:ย Sometimes we just find ourselves with people in whose lives we can make a huge difference, even in unexpected places and circumstances. I did not have the slightest idea that I would have an amazing experience helping someone overcome horse phobia one fine Sunday afternoon while I would be at the stables watching my daughter during her riding lessons.

While waiting at the cafe overlooking the grounds, I started small talk with another mum, Susanne, seated beside me and casually mentioned going over to the horses after our kids' riding lesson. That's when she told me that her husband had to do that since she was absolutely terrified of horses herself. For unknown reasons, she had this phobia of horses for as long as she can remember. It was impossible for her to go into the stable, unless ensured that all horses were locked in and securely fastened.

I took it as an opportunity to be of help and offered EFT tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) for her phobia. Fortunately, she was open to the idea and on Thursday of that week we held the session.

We tapped on a number of past issues and feelings related to horses and Susanne was quickly able to eliminate all excess emotions we worked on. But, it is also important to test to see that no remaining emotions are left and may rebuild. So, I told her, casually, that my daughters just came home and they tied their horses to the staircase just outside our treatment cabin. Her eyes widened in disbelief and renewed fear.

As we tapped down that anxiety, and she reasoned it was okay with her since the horses were tied, I told her that one of the horses got loose and was standing grazing where she would have to pass by to get in the car. She reasoned out it was still fine with her because it was just a small pony. So, I told her, imagine that both horses, including the big one were loose walking around in the garden. She got obviously discomforted again and we tapped down her excess feelings of that, too.

The Sunday after in the stables, I saw her come into the stables while I was helping my daughter attending to a horse that was scared himself, so, I had no time to support or comfort my client.

Fortunately, it proved not to be needed at all! From a side of my eye, I could see her tapping one acu-point as she watched all the activity that she was previously deprived of taking part in. Then she was able to stand to the side as where all horses kept passing by on the way to the riding house โ€“ this was very first time she was able to be inside the stables with horses walking around.

I then joined Susanne to stand in the doorway to the riding house. She testified that she had some anxiety left, but only on a reasonable level. In fact, she was very much motivated to go over and meet her daughter after the lesson and give her horse an apple.

True enough, she managed to go with me to greet her daughter after her lesson and gave the horse, Barbie, an apple. Barbie had a hard time grabbing the entire half of the apple and pressed hard towards her hand, and, dropped the apple on the ground. I quickly picked it up before Susanne would back out, made it smaller and put it in her hand and encouraged her to do it again. She held her hand and gaze steady despite of some anxiety and gave Barbie one slice, and another, until the horse consumed it all.

Susanne sent me the following SMS right after: "Thank you, thank you, Sara. Absolutely incredible, what a feeling... could never have thought that I would ever give a horse an apple... ".

It was such a remarkable and quick shift! I am humbled to have been given the chance to be a part of the amazing experience that has helped improved another person's life - a remarkable and very rapid improvement in quality of life.

Susanne says to me now; "- Even if I have deep respect and still can get scared at times when the horses make unexpected moves, I am not consumed by my fear any longer. I can now take part in my daughter's passion, in a way that I have never been able to do before. I am so immensely grateful! Now I can even go into Barbie's stall with my daughter!"

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