EFT Case Story: Relief

EFT Case Story: Relief

Tanya Lyons, currently taking the EFT Master Practitioner Distance Learning Course, completed the following case study during Unit 4.ย 

Tanya writes:ย My client looked undernourished with stick thin legs and arms, his cheekbones protruded on his face and he did not look healthy. He seemed a little nervous and he kind of shuffled along the floor, without really taking proper steps forward. He smiled overtly and nervously laughed a little and I got the sense he was trying to cover some of his feelings up. I felt a lot of sadness around him. It was as if he was holding onto something, pretending to me that outwardly he was fine, but my intuition was telling me something different.

I discussed the idea of blocked energy and how holding onto it can be tiring and it can weaken our energy and immune system. He said that he was often tired and lacked energy.

I tapped on, 'relaxing and releasing', he let out a big ' aaaaaah', 'yes that's just what I need,' as if letting go of stored pent up air inside. After the 1st round his muscle tone seemed much more relaxed and I felt he was being congruent with me now as he didn't have to hide behind his mask. His eyes didnt look as glazed over. We did another round of him tapping on himself on 'relax and release' after that round he said he felt a little bit tearful and I gave him permission to cry if he needed but he said he was okay.

I then asked if he would like me to tap on him or whether he would prefer to tap on himself. I worked on my intuition here and felt the need to give him the option. He said that he would prefer me to tap, on him. As I placed my hands over his heart point I felt real sadness and I felt real empathy for that sadness. I tapped a round of 'relax and release again' and after that he started to cry, I sat with him and told him it was okay to let them go and used the words, 'releasing this energy'. I didn't use the word sadness as I got the sense that 'releasing energy' was somehow more acceptable to him than 'releasing sadness'. His body started to shake a little and I said 'just let it flow through you' more tears came and he was able to release some more, big tears started rolling down his face, like a stream. I just allowed this to naturally happen. I still had hold of his hand and I felt I was giving him some kind of reassurance.

He said that he hadn't been able to cry for a long time and when he had wanted to, the tears wouldn't come, so he was surprised that he had cried. I asked how he felt and the word 'relief' came up. I tapped one round on relief. He then went on to tell me that he had been through a tribunal case recently and he had won his case but it had been ongoing for just over a year and now it was finally over. He said that the build up to the whole thing had really stressed him out and put him under a lot of emotional and financial pressure. He said 'I just feel relief, like a weight has been lifted, I feel lighter and maybe I can go back to living a normal life'.

I asked what things that he could now look forward to enjoying without the heavy weight ( to enable the energy to keep flowing). He said that he looked forward to continuing with writing his book, he had been suffering from writers block and felt confident he would be able to start with that again. We did a couple of rounds of 'this new flowing energy' after this it seemed like something physically had lifted from him, the tonality of his voice had vibrancy in it and I felt a high level of optimism.

For homework I asked if it would be helpful to tap on 'releasing my creative energy' three times a day to keep up his momentum of writing and continuing to release energy in whatever shape that took. My client has now taken a new direction with his writing and is looking at other creative avenues to continue his work.

Tanya Lyons
EFTMDL Master Practitioner Student, Level 1 Exercise (Unit 4)

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