EFT Case Story: Secret Therapy

EFT Case Story: Secret Therapy

EFT Master Practitioner-in-training Carole Gordon writes:ย I love 'secret therapy'. This case concerned a female client in her mid-fifties, and I knew that the issue involved sexual abuse, but beyond that I had no specific details at all. The client found it difficult to talk about it. As such, it was perfectly suited to secret therapy, ie. energy work in which the therapeutic focus is the energy body, without engaging cognitively in the story. It enables the client to remain the custodian of her secret, without disclosing embarrassing or shameful details to the therapist.

My client, called Anne, had lived with her story since she was a teenager. I did a couple of rounds of EFT for stress, so that she could think about the process in a clear way. She scored her feeling about her issue as minus 8 on the SUE (Subjective Units of Experience) scale. Instead of inviting her to tell me the story, I asked her where in her body she felt most upset about what had happened. She pointed to her navel area, and we decided that it felt 'tight'. 'This tightness in my navel' became the EFT setup phrase, and we proceeded. After each round of EFT tapping, I asked her what was happening with the feeling or sensation she had reported, and we devised a subsequent setup phrase from that. It went roughly as follows:

This tightness in my navel

It's been here such a long time

It keeps me bent over

It's hard

I choose to soften it

I want it to go now

It's been too long

I don't need this

I want to be free

I want to let it go

I can let it go

It's dissolving, like kidney stones

I'm free

I'm really free!

At this point, she scored herself as +6 on the SUE scale, when I asked her how she now felt about the issue she had brought. The significant thing is that I didn't and still don't know any of the details of the story. A week later, the client was still in a positive place. She said that she could now, if required, talk about what had happened to her as a teenager โ€“ but we agreed that it was not necessary. She had achieved a degree of freedom that she thought impossible.

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