EFT Case Story: Stopping Smoking with EFT

EFT Case Story: Stopping Smoking with EFT

Recent graduate of the Energy EFT Master Practitioner distance learning course, Clara Arenas, has put together a case study on the notorious subject of stopping smoking - something that almost all Practitioners will deal with at somepoint in their careers.

Clara writes:Tina is a beautiful college student who smokes a pack of cigarettes a day and uses marijuana at times. She wanted to quit smoking. She is very stressed out because she said she can't see a way out.

The first session we started distressing her. It took two rounds for her to feel relax.

Then we talked more about the EFT team and the importance of working together. "EFT team" was the reminder phrase for the round.

She said she love the idea of working as a team. "Love" for the next round to improve our energy.

She had just smoked her last cigarette so I asked her to image a cigarette and tell me how she felt. She said she really wanted to smoke the cigarette and that she felt it on her stomach...

It was like having a ball in her tummy. "This ball" was the reminder phrase.

After the round she reported the ball had moved toward the chest. "This moving ball" was the reminder phrase for the next round. The ball got smaller and kept moving toward the throat. "The remaining moving ball" was the reminder phrase for the round.

The ball was in her mouth and tasted good. "This good tasting ball" was used for the next round.

The ball disappear and she reported that she still has a good taste on her mouth but did not feel like smoking a cigarette at that time.

Reminder phrase: "Good taste remaining". After that round she said she remembered the first time she smoked. She was with her boyfriend. I asked her to tell the story on a 3er person. I explained the aspect idea and she agreed to do it that way.

She continued. My aspect was with her boyfriend coming out of a bar and met other friends. The aspect was afraid of her boyfriend. I could see her face changing when she said that. I asked what was she feeling, and she said that her aspect was very fearful and was feeling sick. "The aspect is sick" was the phrase for the next round. What do you see now? The aspect is feeling a little better but she is disappointed because she just smoked a cigarette. "Disappointed" was the reminder phrase.

The conversation continued as follow:

She is still somewhat disappointed. "Somewhat disappointed": reminder phrase.

She wants to run away. Reminder phrase: "run away"

I feel sorry for her, she is doing something she does not want and she disappointed many people. Reminder phrase: "sorry for her"

I now feel sad for her. She could had stop, she is killing herself for nothing. She is stupid. "Stupid": reminder phrase

Well she is not that stupid after all, she is just too young and feel lonely. "Lonely"; reminder phrase.

She is still kind of lonely, but now I started to feel some compassion for her. Reminder phrase: "compassion".

I want to go and hug her. I love her. She is so young. I love her. We used that phrase for the round.

I asked her to go and hug her aspect. She did and said that felt really good. "Good" was the next reminder phrase.

I feel more than good, I feel excited and happy. We used those words for other rounds.

We ended the session on a +10.

Homework: Do daily rounds with "energy", "love" and "compassion"

Next session she said she was doing well for a while but then she had a relapsed and was disappointed.

We did some rounds to distress her.

I asked her if the situation you have with a cigar were a place and a date, what would it be?

A bar at night. What do you see? I see a bar, it is dark, a lot of smoke around, a nice bar tender and I am there, but everything is dark. We used "dark" as the phrase for the round.

What do you hear? I can hear nice relax jazz music. "Relax music" was the phrase.

What else do you see? I see few people around, each one on her own world. The bar tender is nice. What do you smell? I smell alcohol, marijuana. "Alcohol and marijuana were used as reminder phrases for some rounds.

I can see that the lights are on now. "Lights are on": reminder phrase.

Everybody is starting to leave, the music stops, the bar tender is cleaning the tables and I am alone now. I do not want to go. We used this last statement as the reminder phrase.

I smell the outside breeze. I can see the exit sign and an outside light. "The exit": reminder phrase.

I see steps that go to outside. I see the snow, the lights. I smell the breeze again. The breeze was the next word we used.

I started to walk toward the exit. I go up the stairs. I can see the outside lights, it is Christmas time. I can hear the cars. I can smell the snow. I feel excited about the possibilities of having fun. I want to have fun. "Have fun" : reminder phrase.

I am outside now. I walked on the snow. I love it. The Christmas lights are on everywhere. I can taste the snow. I touch it. I have fun. We used this as reminder phrase.

We did a couple of more rounds with fun, excitement, possibilities and we finish the session with a +10.

Homework: keep doing daily rounds with those last words. Also I asked her to take a cigarette and place it in front of her and have a conversation with it.

After a couple of days she reported feeling really good. Also she was at her sister house and even though her sister was smoking, she did not feel any desire to smoke.

She said that since the day of this session she is waking up with a feeling of adventure, of fun.

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