EFT Case Story: The Group Entity

EFT Case Story: The Group Entity

AMT Trainer Patricia DancingElk writes: As a Trainer's Trainer, my goal is to first train energy specialists as workshop leaders and second to help them to be successful by making sure that they need to be competent and confident.

When Dr Hartmann asked for my favorite EFT case story as part of my EFT Master Practitioner DLC I immediately thought of this one exercise because it is so near and dear to my heart.

Read on for the full case story...

On any given day you can probably find 20 workshops being offered within a close proximity ranging from self-help to art. There are so many workshops being offered on a wide range of subjects that people sometimes donโ€™t know which one to choose.

Some of the newly certified workshop facilitators are terrified that they wonโ€™t have a chance in this big pond of offerings and so never get off the ground.ย  That is why I was so happy with this EFT distance learning exercise on the Group Entity.

We called our entity โ€œMasimoโ€.ย  Not sure why, but it just seems appropriate.ย  As we described the aspect we could see a little man, slightly bald, wearing a thread-bear suit, scuffed up loafers and slumped shoulders.ย  Masimo had a huge heart and really wanted to help people and thought that becoming a workshop leader was the way to reach multiple people at one time.

The following is the transcript from the Group Entity exercise:

  • Group entity: Masimo
  • Definition of group entity: Masimo represents workshop leaders who are not successful.
  • Description of group entity: Masimo is scattered and lost. Happy = no, because although he promotes and advertises it seems that there is no interest in what he has to offer. He often feels as if he is out there all by himself trying to push up a mountain which leaves him exhausted all the time. He wants and needs help but doesnโ€™t know where to go.
  • How the group entity can be improved: Masimo needs confidence.
  • Setup: โ€œconfidenceโ€.
  • Review: Masimo has picked himself up off the ground, dusting himself off, standing straighter and feeling brighter, happier. Walking around with his chest stuck out. Masimo has the confidence now, but needs some tools to get this party started. We dress him up in a sparkling new suit, shiny shoes and put a bright smile on him. How about an assistant to make all his calls for him? Or a marketing team?
  • New Setup: โ€œsupportedโ€
  • Review: Now Masimo goes into the office and is greeted by his marketing team with lots of responses from the mailings and phone calls the team made. His assistant has a fist full of messages from people who want to talk with him about doing presentations and conferences at their facilities. To finish this off letโ€™s give him ultimate success!
  • Review: We now see Masimo as a confident workshop leader, standing tall and speaking with knowledge and authority on a stage in front of 500 participants.ย 

The group had a lot of fun with Masimo.ย  Just doing the exercise made us happy and brought new and fresh ideas to us as workshop leaders.ย ย  Now every time that we have a workshop, we report later that we can see Masimo standing beside us cheering us on.

Patricia DancingElk

May, 2012

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