The Secret Method - Positive EFT Case Story

The Secret Method - Positive EFT Case Story

This Case Story comes fromย Jamie Streett,ย EFT Master Practitioner Distance Learning Course Studentย & Positive EFT Practitioner. In this great Case Story Jamie explains how she used a 'secret method' to help unblock some negative energy!ย Yet again we see you don't need to digย around endlessly in the traumas of the past to have a happy life. By bringing POSITIVE energies into your energy body you can dissolve and wash away old energy blockages for good.

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I have been working with a client for my ministry class which uses traditional EFT. We were making progress but I could tell there was a block somewhere holding him back. He said something happened in his child hood but he did not want to talk about it with anyone. I said fair enough will you at least entertain me and let me try it a different way with you. We can treat the physical feelings without saying a word about what it is. He didn't seem very confident in the process but agreed to anyway.

I started by having him focus on the memory, I could sense from his body language he was feeling into it. So I asked him to show me where it was. He put his hands by in front of his stomach. I asked him to then describe the feeling to me. He said it felt like a heavy ball. So we tapped on "this heavy ball in my stomach". After one round the ball had softened and started to deflate, so we then tapped "This flattening ball in my stomach". It then went to a small rock. So we tapped "This small rock in my stomach". It left but he felt some heaviness in his knees that was locking them up. So we tapped for "The heaviness locking my knees", that took most of it away so we did a final round on "free flowing energy", which cleared the energy flow associated with the secret, so then we brought it in the positives of "fluidity", "freedom", "Life force energy".

Once we got him to a +8 on the SUE scale, I asked him to think about the secret again, and he started laughing. He said he could not believe it! He wasn't laughing at the memory, but because he could look at it with peace and understanding. He was actually able to appreciate all that it taught him. The laughter was simply the joy and amazement of it all.

I have to admit we were both blown away, knowing how skeptical he was of it, made me question how much effort he would put into. He said that he thought it was a bunch of crap but was willing to do it because it sure wouldn't hurt anything, but the results he got literally blew his mind. He says he looks forward to using this protocol again if anything like that happens again that he doesn't want to verbalize. It was an awesome thing to experience and be a part of because I know how much this has held him back in his healing, so I just know he is well on his way now.

Upon check up a week later he said the energy is still alive in him and he still can't believe the difference. on his own he has been tapping the positives and said it working wonders to keep his life force energy at it's peak.

Jamie Streett
EFT Master Practitioner Distance Learning Course Student
& Positive EFT Practitioner

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The Energist - Vol 2015.2.2 - Project Sanctuary

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