EFT Case Story: Time Travel with EFT

EFT Case Story: Time Travel with EFT

Suheyla Pinar Alper, an EFT Master Practitioner from Istanbul, Turkey, has written a fantastic EFT case story titled "Time Travel with EFT, or: Resolving 21 Years of Recurrent Urinary Tract Infection!

Suheyla writes:ย This is Eylem's story, a 34 year-old young woman. She came in 5 months ago complaining of urinary tract infections she has been suffering from ever since she was 13 years old. As a result of recurring UTI's she has been on and off antibiotics since the age of 13 and for the last two years, she has been having bouts of UTI every month. She has had to go to emergency rooms a few times with high temperature, as the infection spread to her kidneys.

She stated she was a -5 on the Sue Scale. After tapping to de-stress and for EFTEAM, her first set up statement was "cystitis"(UTI). Then I asked her about her history of cystitis (UTI), and what specific events were going on in her life at each occurrence. We tapped on each case that she remembered from age 13 onwards. Gradually it became obvious that the UTI was related with either physical attraction or a new relationship. Tapping until the latest cases that she remembered, she stated this was clearly related to some fear of physical closeness with a partner. We tapped on each attraction to boys/men that she recalled and we moved back in her history up to the time she was 13 years old.

She then remembered her "horror story" as she overheard (and had no clue what it was all about), at age five, her mother, graphically describing to a friend, a gynecological examination. She was literally petrified and concluded at that point that anything related with the genital area, deserves punishment. We tapped several times on that. At that point she stated to be a +1 on the Sue Scale.

We continued to tap on as she changed the set up sentences to "physical attraction", "enjoying your body is normal", "it is my birthright to enjoy my body", "it is a pleasure to be a woman", finally I asked how it would feel to tap on " I completely love and accept myself", which she accepted.

She finished with a +9, laughing and shining with joy. We have kept in touch. It has been five months now and she has not had even the mildest UTI.

To both our delight, her UTI which recurred every month, has stopped. She is not on medication anymore. Even though I am the initiator of this change, and we did this together with Eylem, I still feel this is magicalย Smile

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