EFT Case Story: Too Soon for Positives?

EFT Case Story: Too Soon for Positives?

John Staples, EFT Master Practitioner and Silvia Hartmann's co-Trainer in Baltimore this September, has written a case story on the effectivenessย of Positive EFT even in the most unlikely cases.

John writes:ย I have been working with a client who was severely abused by his father until he ran away from home at age 15. We have been through many of the genesis events in his emotional life, but there are many more remaining. He has made incredible progress, and has enjoyed several shifts which he deserved and earned by choosing to address his issues. However, we often use the positive to skirt those many hard events that were just too painful. It was a no brainer, as Silvia emphasizes the positive in her EFT protocol, and the "healing event" in the process. The point is we started to ignore the negative...

His most recent success came when we created an "autogenic" reality to prepare him for a public speaking event that by some wonderful twist of fate had fallen upon him. We never spoke of the humiliation he suffered in grade school which had made him tremble at the thought of standing and speaking in front of people, or the beating he received when he was late for dinner that night. We merely imagined the event in the future in which he was the master of the room and the idol of all attending. He saw himself at his best or even better and felt the moment by moment control and confidence he experienced as he addressed the group and answered questions.

His emailed response to me an hour after the event, "It was great! People came up to me wanting to get together and talk more! It was an awesome feeling.

I realized that it is just as we say at the beginning of every session in the heart prayer, "What happened in the past is over! I restore the Even Flow so I shine like the sun. The star I truly am.".

If you have wondered about being positive too soon, FORGET IT! More and more I am working with my clients from the positive. It feels good to them and to me.

I have yet to perceive that ignoring the negative genesis event has been an impediment to their energy clearing. The reframes come, and incredibly without tears or torment. They arrive bundled in wisdom and insight.

Thank you Silvia for emphasizing the value of the positive and for promoting it as a distinct part of the practice. You continue to be the leading edge of bringing energy healing to the citizen.

John Staples

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