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EFT Case Story: Using EFT for Pain Relief

EFT Case Story: Using EFT for Pain Relief

Tonny Biilgreen explains how EFT helped a client gain pain relief from a recent elbow injury, and how a different approach is sometimes needed.

Read on for the full case story...

My client John has this pain problem in his left elbow. A few month ago his elbow was twisted while he was playing a game of football and another player bumped into him.
The pain in his elbow comes and goes, sometimes it gets stronger, sometime it almost vanish.

We decide to do some tapping on his elbow pain. After a couple of rounds on stress and EFTeam, he tells me that the pain in his elbow at the present time is about -5 on the SUE scale.

I ask him how he would describe this pain and he answers me that it is a kind of "pinching" pain. We use this as a set up: This "pinching pain" in my elbow!- and "pinching pain" as the reminder phrase. We then tap 1-2-3 rounds on this, but the pain level doesn´t change.

This indicates, that another approach may be needed. I ask him to think back at the time where the accident happened and ask him what he felt about it. He answers that he felt anger towards the other player for bumping into him and hurting his elbow and that he still feels this anger when his elbow is hurting.

We agree to tap on that: I am angry at this guy for hurting my elbow!- and "angry at this guy" as the reminder phrase. And, now something is happening! After the first round the pain is down at -3, and after a couple of rounds more it is actually gone.

John is, of course, very pleased and also looks somewhat surprised. I explain to him, that sometimes it is strong emotions connected to the incident that keeps the "pain echoes" alive.

After a short break we start working our way up the positive wing of the SUE scale using statements like:

My elbow is fine!
My elbow is strong and healthy!
I am sending love to my elbow!

Finally we reach +8 on the SUE scale and end the session. John and his elbow are feeling fine when he leaves!!!


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