EFT Case Story: Using EFT to help release stress and fight symptoms of disease

EFT Case Story: Using EFT to help release stress and fight symptoms of disease

EFT Master Practitioner distance learning student Rune Schelde Nilsson highlights how EFT can be used to help people cope with stress, pain and the symptoms of disease.

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Ellen is a middle-aged woman, who had always led an active and outgoing life. That all changed about a year ago, when she suddenly started suffering from flu like symptoms, weight gain and joint pains that would come and go inexplicably. Doctors diagnosed her with a staf infection and put her on a heavy dose of antibiotics, which really floored her digestion, but symptoms persisted and worsened.

She was now unable to go to work, and had to go on sick leave.ย The doctors eventually diagnosed her with Lyme's disease, a strange affliction with a long list of symptoms, which come and go, often by the minute.ย When Ellen came to me for pain relief, she was in recovery, but still too weak to go to work.

As she started telling me about her pain symptoms, and how it all started, her voice broke and her eyes started tearing; "It is all so sad", she cried, and I agreed.ย I gently told her about EFT's ability to release stress and how that would help her fight the disease more efficiently. She told me she wasn't stressed. "Stress isn't just rushing about doing stuff in a hurry", I told her; "try to feel if any part of your body is tense or uncomfortable. Chances are that that is stress too". "I do have like a tight ball in my stomach", she admitted.

I proceeded to teach her the basic stress release and energizing protocol. "And how do you feel now?" I asked. "Not much different" she said. "And the ball of tension?" "The ball" she said a bit surprised; "well, that's not there anymore..."

We then proceeded to the actual pain relief. Ellen told me she had pain or discomfort in her neck and knees, but the worst pain was in her right hip, which was at a -7 on the SUE scale, when she moved about a bit, and a -2 when she stayed still.ย While talking about her hip pain she said; "Now it has shifted to the left hip, it does that all the time". "Let's stay with the right hip now, then we'll take care of the left one if that is still a problem" I said, and we started tapping for "stiffness in my right hip".

After the round, we assessed. There was still a slight stinging sensation in the hip, but the pain when moving had receded from a -7 to a -2. The pain in the left hip, which had intensified prior to the round, was gone.

In the spirit of Positive EFT I decided that we go straight for rounds of positives, even though the pain wasn't completely gone.ย I asked Ellen what her hip needed right now to feel even better. After a quick think, she said; "Comfort! My hips need comfort!ย After a round of "Comfort" Ellen looked very relaxed.ย "How's the pain?" I asked. She stood up and moved about a bit. "Well, it is all gone, but I'm just sooo tired" she yawned.ย Zero Point of Peace Alert!

Our session was soon about to end, so I told her; "That is great, but let's be a bit greedy. Let's do a least two more rounds of positives. What else does your hip need?" Ellen looked moved. "My hip need love. Both my hips need love. When I was gaining weight, I wasn't very nice to my hips".ย After a round of "Love for my hips", her hips were at a +4 on the SUE scale.

"All right", I said; "let's do a final round just for you. What do you need to face this disease?"ย "I really need Strength", she said; "if it wasn't for my strength I would have given up long ago".ย During our last round I remarked; "Wow, you say "Strength" like you mean it", wishing I could say that word with the same conviction.

I would have loved to write, that Ellen left me jumping down the stairs, but walking them pain free is more than good enough.


I happened to bump into Ellen about a week ago, about 4 months after our session. She looked great, was back in a new job (even more challenging than before she fell ill) and seemed to have really regained her joie de vivre. She thanked me profusely, claiming that our session was one of the things that really turned things around for her.

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