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EFT Case Story: Tapping on Psychological Pain

EFT Case Story: Tapping on Psychological Pain

Another great case story from Distance Learning student Jospeh Cheser.ย Here he describes how EFT helped to relieve the symptoms of psychosomatic pain caused by a worrying situation. Not content with just relief, he pushed further into the Positives using a heart warming image!

Read on for the full case story...

Dana* came to me almost in tears. It was very clear from her strained voice and body language she was quite distraught. She proceeded to tell me about a boy she liked very much. The problem was he was very flirtatious and she felt very stressed wondering if he was serious about a relationship like she felt. Dana said that she had been stressing over this issue for a week now and now was experiencing physical pain. Recognizing this was very likely psychosomatic pain, I asked her to describe her pain. She had difficulty articulating a description. I didn't want to add to her stress, so I asked her what color her pain was. She replied "red and burning with flames". She said it felt like it was inside her heart with a SUE of -8.

We tapped an EFT round with a setup phrase of "I have this red, burning, heart shaped pain in my heart", with a reminder phrase of "this red, burning pain in my heart." Her SUE was now a -3. Dana said that the pain had gone down noticeably, but was definitely still there, so we did another round using the setup phrase "this remaining pain in my heart". She said the pain had now moved to her right shoulder with a SUE of -3, so we did a round using the setup "this pulsating pain in my right shoulder". She said the pain had now moved to her forearm area with a SUE of -2. We did a round using the setup "this dull pain in my right forearm". She said the pain had now moved to her hand with a SUE of -2. We did a round using the setup "this dull pain in my right hand". The pain was finally gone now.

I asked her what ideas she had to tap on to take us into the positive side. She said "happy", so we tapped a round on that. Her SUE was +1, so we tapped a round on "beautiful". Her SUE was +3 now. I remember she had told me in the past how much she loved her cat, Sagwa. So I asked her what she thought of tapping on "Sagwa in my heart". She really liked that and we did a round on that, bringing her SUE up to +5. Dana now said she liked to envision Sagwa's face in a heart shaped picture frame in her chest. She said this "warmed her heart", so we tapped a round on this. She was now smiling broadly and had a SUE of +9.


*Name has been altered for client privacy

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