EFT Case Story: Using EFT to treat pain

EFT Case Story: Using EFT to treat pain

This story comes from Distant learning student Julie Fink. In response to an excercise which asked her to 'Write up the pain treatment from Exercise 4 as a professional case history'.

Here Julie describes how her client turned a negative un-shifting ball of pain, into a beneficial guide!

Read on for the full story.....

My client, Sunshine, had been experiencing a pain in her head on and off for many, many years. As she described it I intuitively sensed immediately that there was an energetic and emotional component to this experience she described as a physical pain and sensation. She described it as hard, blue, smooth, 1-2 inches across, circle or ball shaped sitting on the right side of her head. She could describe it and feel it very easily and clearly. She said it has been there for a very long time.

Although she did not feel it was a real medical problem, we discussed the possibility that it could be a physical mass that might need medical attention and that she should pursue that if she felt necessary. We then discussed using EFT for this sensation to see if we could shift the feeling or get rid of it completely. I could tell by the look on her face that she had a disbelief in the possibility of this happening even though she had done energy healing, including EFT previously, and had great results. It just seemed unlikely to her that this feeling that she had could go away that easily. I could actually feel her holding onto it energetically. I watched fear and doubt form an expression on her face. She was open to giving EFT a try. Her subjective assessment of the intensity of this feeling/pain was high. Although she finds difficulty with assigning a specific number, she confirmed it was high in the negatives.

We agreed to begin some EFT tapping rounds. We began with the simple statement, "this thing in my head". I asked her to focus on the actual physical sensation she had and where she felt it as much as she could while we tapped. After one round she felt the "thing" move! It felt more mobile, less rigid and less hard. The color became more white. We tapped again using the same statement, "this thing in my head". She now felt it move to her cheek close to her mouth! Hmmm, not such a true physical thing it seemed. The words, "it's losing its' grip/hold" came into my thoughts. She now said it felt better, was more flat and round.

We tapped again using the statement, "this thing in my cheek". She began to get a feeling that this thing represented guidance and was related to weight issues she had been experiencing. She felt it was there for guidance when making choices in general and choices about food. I become aware of the beneficial symbolism of it moving from her head, thought related, possibly feeling stuck in her choices and behaviors to it moving freely to her cheek close to her mouth where she speaks her truth, states her choices and allows food to enter. She was shocked to say the least!

She was so happy it moved and kept saying, "that's so weird" and "I can't believe it"! She was very happy indeed. She said it had shifted into more of a feeling of guidance and support to help her make good choices and decide what food is good for her and what is not. She said she was now going to use this new thing to give positive feedback to herself when feeling good about her choices and not just noticing that food tastes good but how she had made a good choice, etc. We tapped a couple more rounds on this new feeling about what this thing meant for her. It shifted from an experience of having a physical thing stuck in her head that was somewhat scary and did not feel good to her to a beneficial guide. The session went without any major upset or reactions experienced by her. She felt better and the process was amazing to witness.

Wow! This all happened with just a few rounds of EFT! We met again after that and she continued to be free of that thing in her head.

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