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EFT Case Story: An Afternoon Walk with Positive EFT

EFT Case Story: An Afternoon Walk with Positive EFT

Guillermo Pena Acuna, an GoE Trainer from Alicante, Spain, has written a lovely case story about his experiences with Positive EFT walking in the wilds, connecting with nature.

Guillermo writes: Yesterday at the end of the afternoon I was walking in the countryside, I started doing a few rounds of Energy EFT to dissolve the stress accumulated throughout the day...

Reaching the green fields my status was zero stress. I found some orange groves were beginning to bloom, - when the sun is horizontal, occurs a phenomenon known by free flying practitioners called restitution; when the sun heating the earth became less powerful, the trees and plants restitute the excess of solar energy stored, creating soft thermal which are impregnated with all the essences of the vegetable environment - the intense and delicate orange blossom scent gave me a blissful joy, so I decided to do some Positive EFT with this orange blossom and the enveloping excitement arose in me. Before the end of the round I had become orange perfume myself. Can you imagine to turn you into a perfume? My body was nourishing, playful and happy, with that exceptional energy, can you imagine to be feed by orange flower's perfume? I got to dance, to run, and end of the path, behind the back of the mountain Puig Campana, the setting sun shelled orange, pink and golden hues, majestic power back that began to circulate through me, I was doing a round of Positive EFT nutritious..., felt the murmur of the breeze on my skin and leaves, intense smells of the bush, and the immensity of gilded light.

What a wonderful experience! What a happiness!

I am here and now with the knowledge that everything is intensely extraordinary and I want now to be a bird flying at heights, Venus flickering, and a mountain... in the tip of my fingers there is magic!

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Guillermo Peña Acuña
Information about Guillermo Peña Acuña
Energy EFT Master Practitioner, EMO Master Practitioner & Modern Stress Management Professional in Somme Leuze, Belgium & La Nucia, Alicante, Spain.

Guillermo Peña Acuña has kindly contributed the following titles to the 🏫 GoE Library:
The Energist - Vol 2014.1.1 - Voyager

The Energist - Vol 2014.1.1 - Voyager

Posted Jun 1, 2014
Summer 2014 edition of The Energist magazine.
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