EFT Creator Gary Craig Interviews GoE Trainer Sue Sawyer

EFT Creator Gary Craig Interviews GoE Trainer Sue Sawyer

AMT Trainer Sue Sawyer, who cured her Asthma with EFT, has recently been interviewed by EFT creator Gary Craig.

Read on for Sue's reaction to receiving the call from Gary Craig and download the full interview!

To listen to the full audio interview please Click Here

Sue Sawyer Writes: I had in the last week of September just  finished running a series of Meridian Energy Practitioner Courses and EFT in partnership with a training company called Live It.

As part of the content I discussed with my students some of the radical changes that EFT can have on the physical body as well as the emotional one.  We talked about Gary Craig's Workshop in 2004 which looked at Serious Diseases and where I stood up and told everyone about how I used EFT to get rid of my asthma.  Gary was quite the topic of conversation.  The course finished with everyone on a high, particularly me!

Later that evening on the Sunday, at about 8.45pm, I was curled up on the sofa, chilled out, watching X Factor with a nice long glass of G & T and telling my husband about just how brilliant all the students were when ..... the phone rang.  My husband pulled a face, which generally implies “It’s going to be my mother, shall we answer it”?  After nine rings, he decided he would.  He then turns to me with a strange look on his face and says, “It’s for you…. its Gary Craig”. I looked at him as if he was mad, I mouthed “What THE Gary Craig”, and he nodded, and he said he is calling from America!

Well, my mouth went completely dry, my heart started to pound as Gary says, "Hi", and recalls our meeting back in 2004 and asks whether it was ok to have a chat with me!  Well that took about a nano second to reply that it was fine… as casually as I could muster with my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth. He then began to ask me about my asthma and if I am still off all medication, which I am.  We then discussed the journey I took, including Andy Clements surrogate tapping resulting from Sandra Hillawi's Advanced Practitioner Training Course in 2004, to the resolution of my asthma whilst watching Gary's DVD on Constricted Breathing. I also stated somewhat credulously that, just a few hours earlier I had been sharing with all my students the very same story in a training environment as an example of the possibilities that EFT can offer. He then asks would I mind doing a 30-minute interview with him on asthma to be broadcast in America on his site!

Well, slight panic stepped in, so I’m tapping the whole time he is talking to me, also, I am thinking, “Oh Lor, I wish I hadn’t had a Gin & Tonic”!  On the other hand having worked with all the students at the weekend enabled me to recall events and issues very easily.

After the call finished some 45 minutes later, I sat down, tapping myself to calm down as I had such a high adrenaline rush.  What really wowed me perhaps most of all was the synchronicity of it all, the Laws of Attraction at play?  There is me working with all the students, sharing with them and using EFT to great effect and the man who created it just calls me up for a chat!

So the motto is ......never talk about Gary Craig unless you want him to call you.. at home late on a Sunday and if you do talk about him don't have a Gin & Tonic!

Enjoy the Audio!

Love and best wishes

Sue Sawyer


To listen to the full audio interview please Click Here

To learn more about Gary Craig & EFT please visit http://EmoFree.com/

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