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EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques - Daily Mail Approved!

EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques - Daily Mail Approved!

The GoE has been promoting EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques since 1998, and in that time we've seen hundreds of thousands of people across the world improve their lives dramatically thanks to the simple technique.

In 2013, popularity for this gentle and effective healing modality seems to be rising to previously unprecedented levels, first with self-help guru Louise Hay declaring her love for the technique, and now even the Daily Mail in the UK have expressed amazement at how well it works!

Writing for the Daily Mail, Lorraine Candy, editor-in-chief of Elle Magazine and self-confessed cynic, recently tried tapping for a few weeks, and after getting over her initial embarrassment at tapping, she found that it had a profound effect.

"Tapping seems to flick a mental switch, asking your subconscious to solve your problems for you. And after all that is when self-help works best, when it's delegated."

Earlier this year, self-help guru Louise Hay called EFT "a wonderful tool that works on a variety of issues, from pain relief, physical issues, and weight loss to attracting abundance, clearing limiting beliefs and healing the past."

Over the last few years many celebrities have expressed their love of EFT, including Michael Ballย andย Lily Allen.ย Maddonna is even rumoured to be a big fan, and with Practitioners and Self-Helpers from around the world having such great results, it is not hard to see why.


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