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EFT Case Story: EFT dissipates a horrible migraine in less than 10 minutes | GoE
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EFT Case Story: EFT dissipates a horrible migraine in less than 10 minutes

EFT Case Story: EFT dissipates a horrible migraine in less than 10 minutes

GoE Energy EFT Master Practitioner student Debbie Barber from Australia writes has written a great case story that warms the heart and shows a quick and effective application for EFT, getting rid of migraines.

Debbie writes: Recently my son Ned held a very large party out in the bush on a 10 000 acre property in North Queensland, Australia called The Collaborations Festival. It was a party that goes on for days, one that cranks up the music so loud that the earth shakes beneath your feet, one that hundreds of people attend and one that you remember forever.

It was on the first day of this party just after I had set up camp when a bunch of girls came running up to me in despair asking me if I could help Sammy. Sammy had a horrible migraine and this was so devastating because Sammy just wanted to party. These girls were very close friends of my sons and I felt for them. How could I say no to these gorgeous little princesses knowing that I did have a magic tool up my sleeve.

Within minutes Sammy was standing right in front of me surrounded by her gorgeous little princess friends. With her eyes all red and glossy I wasted no time and held out my hand to greet her. With her hand in mine I asked her what was wrong to which she replied "I have this migraine and I want to party" so I got started straight away tapped her karate chop point while saying "even though you have this migraine you are ok" and then shortened it to "this migraine" for the rest of the round.

I tapped on Sammy gently, calmly and slowly observing her every breath. The whites of her eyes cleared right before my eyes, her facial expression softened, it was like pure magic. I paused at the end of the first round to check in to see how she was feeling and she said "much better but there was still some there" So I tapped on her for another round saying "this remaining migraine" to be sure to be sure and when I asked her again how she was feeling she said that she had "this tiny niggle that she might be getting a migraine" so we continued with "this tiny niggle" for another round.

Sammy's gorgeous little princess friends were jumping with joy singing "we knew you could help Deb we knew it, we knew it". Well tiggle me pink I was just as blown away as they were. The party had now officially begun with smiles all round. Many times that night and though out the weekend I received hugs and messages from those gorgeous little princesses excited that Sammy's migraine was still gone. We joyfully danced the weekend through with a great big thank you to the awesome magic trick that I had up my sleeve known as EFT.

Debbie Barber

Australia, 2012

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