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EFT Case Story: EFT & The Group Entity: Working With A Blended Family

EFT Case Story: EFT & The Group Entity: Working With A Blended Family

Bringing a family together is a whole new experience using EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques and the group entity pattern.

All the group combines to tap for the whole group, thus avoiding any individual being singled out as a problem, or feeling left out of the process. This is a very bonding experience which really improves the flow of communication and love in a group as in this example shared by Kirsten Ellis from Yorkshire, UK.

EFT & The Group Entity: Working With A Blended Family

Kisten Ellis writes: I was asked to do some work with a family as a group. They didn’t exactly ask for a therapy session but as they were two families that had merged into one the mother thought that they could do with some bonding. She was familiar with the EFT work I do but knew that her teenage son and her partner may not be over enthusiastic about the idea. So we made the session very informal. I went round to see them so that they didn’t have to come away from their comfort zone, and we simply pulled a few dining chairs into a circle and began to talk.

We had two adults, a seventeen year old, an eleven year old and a toddler of two who came and went as she felt fit!

We started with a session of EFT to calm and de-stress everyone. This also served as an opportunity for everyone to learn how to tap and where. Then we talked a little bit about what we wanted to achieve with our group entity and how we would describe it if it were a person in its own right. We came up with someone who was at times stressed and angry, didn’t always listen, but was also fun and happy, oh and clever! We called the group entity ‘Family Unity’ and I explained how seeing our group as a single entity or person helped us to see how it changed over time and as we tapped EFT for it.

Our first set up phrase was ‘Unity could be improved by less arguing and more listening,’ and we tapped a round of this. Everyone watched me intently and copied me. There was quite a serious note and no talking other than copying what I said!

After the first round I asked if anyone had felt a change in our group. The general consensus was a lighter feeling and a happier one. There were even a few giggles from the eleven year old, Tom, and a bit of banter with him and his older brother. I asked what our next set up should be and Tom replied that it should be about making money because he said that money worries caused lots of stress (very observant!). So we tapped on, ‘Let’s make money.’

As we got through the first couple of points everyone’s voice became stronger and more energetic. Then they all started thinking of things to say as we tapped, so we had, ‘Let’s make loads of money, let’s swim in money, let’s make money now, let’s be happy with the money we make’. This round really lightened the tone and got everyone talking and coming together more. Suddenly this strange tapping had become a bit of family fun! We then did more rounds including ‘Let’s smile at each other more each day’ and ending with ‘Family Unity’.

We ended on a real high with lots of energy buzzing around. It was noticeable in the conversations, laughter, smiles and jokes. The tones of voice had improved so much and there really did feel like a coming together, a joining up of energies into one group. It was a noticeably different atmosphere than the one I had walked in to.

The teenager had stopped looking at the ceiling and playing with his belt buckle and was now engaging in the group, looking at who he was talking to, making suggestions and smiling, as if it was cool to be a part of this family! The toddler had copied some of the tapping and a few words, and was obviously enjoying the difference in energy in those around her. She was all smiles and laughter. The two younger children became lighter and happier in their energy much faster than the grown ups, proving I think how the stresses of everyday life weigh adults down.

Half an hour of energy work was all it took to free that energy, not only within each individual, but within the family group as well.


Kirsten Ellis

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