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EFT in Africa

EFT in Africa

Here at the GoE we love to hear of great people promoting the benefits of EFT and Energy Healing. The Energy Healers Association are dedicated to promoting Energy Modalities throughout Africa. Here is what Hilary Albutt CEO & Managing Director has to say about their organisation.

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The Energy Healers Association is a registered and recognised charity with the government of South Africa. The NPO (non profit organisation) registered NPC, (Non Profit Charity) was started to spread the message that Energy Healing Techniques such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) can be a help to the poverty stricken peoples of the world.

This was my dream. To be able to help my fellow Africans after being disabled in an accident and finding that for me, western medication just made me feel stupid and quite frankly, very cranky.

There are many associations who represent the wealthy but none who represent the majority of the people today, the poor, the destitute and vulnerable who need to be helped at grass roots.

Africa is the cradle of humanity, yet today it still has some of the poorest nations on earth and some of the least enabled people. Human beings should not be living like this and the pain and suffering that can be released through using these techniques and should be released from this anguish, people can be freed through the use of Energy Healing Techniques.

To make this possible I assembled a team of people who wanted to be able to say "I made a difference" and we set about doing exactly that.
We all make a difference and you can too.

The Energy Healers Association is Africa's first officially recognised Energy Healers Charity Organisation that promotes the use of Energy Modalities such as EFT and with the other associations who have nominated us to represent them in talks with government our combined membership of over 1500 practitioners, self help users, Trainers,Masters & Master Trainers we are proud of the work we do to help the impoverished and vulnerable members of society.

Its been a long road and the path is clear.

Helping others, is in my opinion, the highest form of humility and it is my honour to be able to do just a little more every year with the support of wonderful people who work at this and are making a huge difference in the lives of people who otherwise would have no alternatives for health and wellbeing. We are of course always looking for donors and supporters.

What The Energy Healers Association Aims Are

Group Of Happy Tappers Doing Energy Healing

The Energy Healers Association aim is to represent the energy practitioners and to promote the use of these modalities to help people to help themselves and help others to improve their lives and lifestyles to be better, healthier and to live longer.

As the old saying goes, to have a health body, you need a healthy attitude. A positive proactive outlook is empowering millions of people today to live longer and be healthier because they are choosing to be proactive.

Quality of training is important for the public protection

We have a strict ethics policy and aim to monitor the quality of training provided by our professional members and provide support so that Energy Healing gets the support we believe it so richly deserves.

Some of the ways we help, is to train community leaders to the very highest standards with good integrity and ethics that the public can trust. These trained community leaders and professionals who then go out to provide high quality support to people who are in some cases abused, addicted, raped, assaulted and in other cases the family members of those who are mourning the deaths in the family.

We could do more but without enough funding it is largely the board that pays for work we do out of our own pockets and we need your help and support to make this message of help spread throughout Africa.

We do not give it away for free, as a matter of respect, even if we charge R0.05c (current exchange rate is R18 to a Pound so this works out to GBP 0,002 p which is essentially free in UK terms) but as a mark of respect we insist they pay what they can afford. If they cannot then we cover the cost with our practitioners.

If you want to help us spread the word in Africa here is the link to be part of something that can truly make a difference in peoples lives. Email me directly or use the link to the website to look around. We are linking up with organisations all around the world who share similar values and views so just ask us if you need to practice in Africa for the application form, pay your membership fees and you are all sorted. We truly believe in empowering people to be able to help spread the word about Energy Healing, so please do share and like us on facebook.

Many thanks for taking the time to read about us.

Hilary Albutt
CEO & Managing Director


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