EFT - In Praise of the Finger Points

EFT - In Praise of the Finger Points

Nicola Quinn Writes:The recent trend to drop the finger points, not helped by an article in which Gary Craig says he rarely uses them now, is deeply saddening and a big mistake in my view.

Here is why.

I have been using EFT since 1996 and everyone involved then had a fine time playing with it, creating different protocols, as I did, (see the MET Chakra Protocol in the downloads section) and experimenting with it, stretching the boundaries to their very limits BUT all the time the basic protocol stayed the same and everyone acknowledged that in their work.

The full round from EB point to gamut point covers ALL the meridians. That was the whole point of EFT in the first place, a move on from ThoughtField Therapy which used specific algorithms for particular problems. With EFT you tapped all the meridians and you were covered. Easy, quick thorough.

Well not anymore it seems.

Increasingly the finger points are being routinely dropped from the protocol and I've been unable to find out why, possibly for speed though tapping these points barely adds another 10 seconds to the full round.

I have had many profound insights and threshold shifts on my finger points, especially my index finger, without which I know I would not have got rid of my panic attacks.

Later, in 2002, around the time I wrote my book Life Without Panic Attacks, I was just using the points down to the underarm with other people and started wondering if EFT was losing its effectiveness, if the shine was wearing off as people, who routinely expected the miracles they had heard about, began being disappointed. That was until I reinstated the finger points and then immediately started seeing extraordinary results once more.

The finger points cover crucial meridians and are ESSENTIAL to a full treatment and it saddens me that people are missing out now because they are not being routinely used any longer.

I have nothing against adding points, the liver and brow points are favourites of mine and always included, but it doesn't take much longer to tap the fingers as well.

I have seen people moved to tears while tapping their fingers, aspects surfacing, old hurts, and more opening statements coming to mind to be cleared on subsequent rounds. I consider the finger points to be essential in resolving most relationship problems too in conjunction with the collarbone point.

The UE point relieved the terrible feelings of panic in my stomach but it was the index finger (that covers the large intestine) that really helped the treatment hold.

Please, please do not deprive yourself, or your clients, of the many wondrous releases and experiences that lie hidden in the finger points. It doesn't take much longer to include them and you will be amazed at the difference in outcome!

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