World's First Distance Learning GoE EFT Master Practitioners

World's First Distance Learning GoE EFT Master Practitioners

We are pleased to welcome the world's first GoE EFT Master Practitioners to be qualified by the highly recommended Distance Learning Course.

Ryan DeMares from Colorado, USA and Dolores Andrew-Gavin from Galway, Ireland, both completed the course early in December, showing dedication and a real talent for EFT.

Read on to find out more about Ryan and Dolores and to hear their thoughts on the course...

Ryan writes:

Ryan DeMaresIn 2011, I launched my second career, hypnotherapy, which builds upon my longstanding fascination with the achievement of extraordinary states of consciousness.

However, I soon found that despite many hundreds of hours of preparation and training in the principles and applications of reprogramming consciousness, I didn't feel adequately prepared to accept certain types of clients such as those with serious emotional issues resulting from abusive relationships. I knew I needed to offer such people an approach that could work even more directly with healing their deep emotional wounds. EFT seemed to be the perfect approach and an excellent complement to hypnotherapy. Because I could not travel to training, a good distance learning program was in order.

I felt fortunate to discover the GoE courses. And of course, I was thrilled to learn Silvia was to be my private tutor for the GoE EFT Master Practitioner training. The course also introduced EMO and its exciting possibilities, adding yet another important dimension to the work.

The course was structured very well, with each Unit building upon previous material, and the assignments building upon each other. The material was always interesting.ย  My previous experience with demonstration of distance learning of this type has been to take multiple choice quizzes. The combined approach of written theory, experiential exercises, and tutorial feedback far exceeded not only any other distance learning I've done, but also any of the residency and workshop courses I've taken.

Silvia has asked me to mention my book Dolphins, Myths & Transformation, published in 2002. The book is out of print, but time has shown that it foreshadowed my eventual path to energy work in that my research into dolphin-assisted therapy and the people who swim with dolphins in the wild had introduced me to transformative effects similar to those we Energists are trained to facilitate. In fact, these two species of energy healers (humans and dolphins) use a startlingly similar approach. My original discovery statement was that an encounter with a dolphin typically engenders in the human a sense of harmony, connectedness, joy, aliveness, or other elevated emotions. Today, with my new understanding of the connection between meridian energies and emotions, I see that a euphoric experience with a dolphin (who is echolocating on swimmers and at times may even blast them with sonic energy) produces lasting results that are uncannily similar to the outcomes possible with EFT meridian energy therapy. We and dolphins seem to be using the same principles to open the floodgates of emotion and healing. That likelihood puts me in the position of having to rethink my original research conclusions regarding the psychospiritual effects of dolphins from the ground up so completely that I would have to rewrite the book, as Silvia would say.

Ryan DeMares, Ph.D., CCHt., Master Practitioner of EFT


Dolores writes:

Dolores Andrew GavinI run an energy practice for the past 2 years. The therapies that I practice are Quantum Touch and Reiki. Both therapies release blockages from a personโ€™s energy body and are both hands on healing therapies. I also write a weekly blog and run a busy Facebook page: Healing Hands - Its All About Energy

I successfully used EFT on myself a year ago and decided I had to learn this wonderful therapy!

What I love about EFT is that it goes to the actual address of an issue in the energy body, the place in space and time when an actual problem was created. It is fascinating that you do not even have to always have a client re-live a traumatic event, you can get to the core by dealing with the feelings a client has, finding out where that feeling is stuck and releasing the blockage from there.

The Master EFT Practitioner course opens up the limitless uses of EFT. From proxy tapping to tapping on a future event which is causing an emotional disturbance. It is truly fascinating work and a huge addition to my healing practice. It is a wonderfully put together course and excellently tutored by Silvia Hartman. There is plenty of opportunity to both self heal and facilitate anotherโ€™s healing whilst completing the course. Best course I have ever done .. truly life changing.

Thank You Silvia for creating it.

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Master Practitioner of EFT

Congratulations to Ryan and Dolores from everyone at the AMT!

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