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EFT Master Practitioner Exercise - Conversation with a chocolate peanut butter cup!

EFT Master Practitioner Exercise - Conversation with a chocolate peanut butter cup!

When you take on the modules of the Energy EFT Master Practitioners course, you never know quite what you'll end up doing. Student Julie Fink was asked:- Write a short report on your "conversation with a strawberry." Choose your own food item of course.

Julie Writes: I chose a chocolate peanut butter cup and immediately I felt obsessed, wanted to grab it, eat it and get more right away!

Have you ever thought about how and why you eat what you do? This question produced an amazing response!

Read on for the full story....

I chose a chocolate peanut butter cup.  Immediately I feel obsessed, want to grab it, eat it and get more right away!  I felt out of control of my behavior in relation to this piece of chocolate.  I feel happy thinking about eating it and angry and frustrated at myself for feeling so obsessed and addicted to it.  I didn't even care about really enjoying it but just getting it in my mouth right away. And then finding another one to eat!

I told the chocolate I was very angry at its existence because I felt I could not resist it, that it had control over me.  It felt mocking to me but I also got a sense that the "chocolate" also knew I had choice if I only could see things differently.  The more I stared at it and thought about it the obsessive feeling was more frustrating as I know I can go for a time without eating chocolate.  However, my mind will still be thinking about eating chocolate.  I began tapping on "Obsessed".  Then "frustrated". Then "Out of control".  

I now felt less obsessed and more removed and objective when looking at the chocolate. I still wanted it but I didn't feel as out of control.  I tapped on "wanting more and more", "having just one".  I became aware of not always believing that I can have what I want and this chocolate was something I could easily have.  I almost forgot it was there while I was tapping as I went more inward.   I tapped on "believing I can choose and have what I desire".  I felt much more calm.  I was seeing the chocolate differently now.  

I realized how I believed things might be taken away from me that I love and food was something I could easily control and choose.  Food had become an emotional substitute and pacifier of sorts when I felt anxious, sad, upset, alone, powerless, etc.  I then tapped on "eating for nourishment, pleasure and enjoyment", "deserving of my choices" and "deserving of pleasurable things in life". I ended with a great round for "Nourishing my soul (with my choices)"!  By the end of the exercise I felt energized and more energetically removed from the obsession connection with the chocolate.  

I felt more peaceful within myself.  I felt more connected to my self and in my own body.  I now saw the chocolate more clearly for what it was not just feeling the internal obsession and panic to eat it.  I could study it and think about what it meant to me.

 I decided to eat it just to see if the experience would be different than before this exercise.  I almost didn't want it!  It tasted really good.  I chewed it slowly and enjoyed it thoroughly.  I actually tasted it instead of simply inhaling it!  I had a greater appreciation for what it was and did not feel I had to now eat a whole bag of them!  I felt a love for myself greater then for the chocolate.  

I felt empowered and proud of myself!

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