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EFT Master Practitioner - First Feedback

EFT Master Practitioner - First Feedback

There has been much talk about the new EFT Master Practitioner qualification which was written by Silvia Hartmann to be the flagship EFT course provided by The AMT. We hope that by providing this information, it answers a few questions you may have had.

Weโ€™re very lucky to have the genius of Silvia Hartmann behind this training, who has incorporated all her decades of experience with EFT, energy, psychology and business savviness into a course that redefines what it means to be an EFT Master Practitioner.

Rather than rehashing old ideas, this is a totally new syllabus written from the ground-up. Itโ€™s as relevant to newbies as it is to โ€œold handsโ€ with 15 years+ of experience teaching thousands of clients to tap. Hartmann has encapsulated Gary Craigs joy and excitement of classic EFT beautifully whilst simultaneously taking it to the next level.

With the inaugural live EFT Master Practitioner event in November already sold out, many people are choosing to become qualified by enrolling on the EFT Master Practitioner distance learning home study course which Silvia herself is personally tutoring.

Many of those already on their journey through the course have been sending in comments from the first of twelve modules. Hopefully the feedback will inspire you to start your own journey to become an EFT Master Practitioner!

  • A project whose time has come. This is bringing EFT up to date and turning a Fiat in a Ferrari.
  • I think the addition of the crown and third eye is wonderful thus clearing our energy field to be more in tune with our intuition when treating others as well as ourselves.
  • I found the Heart Healing Position to be especially powerful. When I would start a round in this position many times the original issue that I had created a set up for did not seem to be as big an issue after the three breaths. I have experienced a similar response in the past were the traditional setup phrase created a similar effect, but the HHP was far more consistent.
  • After we tapped for the EFTeam, she said that she no longer felt alone in her healing path, that she truly felt that she had now someone she knew was on her side. I feel grateful.
  • I actually used the first exercise on four people, and because of my new awareness, I was able to detected quiet subtle changes in them, that perhaps I wouldn't have in the past.
  • I love the EFT Heart and Soul Protocol! I definitely feel much lighter afterwards. Also I find that my sinus clears each time I do it!!
  • I like the Heart Healing position and the breathing, for me it feels like an integration of Quantum-Touch and EFT. In my opinion, the breathing certainly has a positive effect.
  • I think the SUE scale is great and a huge improvement on the SUD scale.
  • The more I tap the more I learn to appreciate the benefits for both me and for me to pass onto clients to enhance their sessions.
  • I like the SUE scale very much, it seems very logical to me. I see here a parallel with NLP (the replacement of limiting beliefs by empowering beliefs). I got the impression that the positive part of the SUE scale gives a more profound positive feeling.
  • Looking at the indicators listed, I can see that neither GL nor K have ever actually been outside the -5 to +6 range during sessions, now that I see the entire spectrum from this new perspective.
  • I found the whole of this unit extremely inspiring. It has filled in blanks for me and the whole EFT experience flows so much better for me now. Thank you!
  • It was sobering to read the energy body stress table, and I surely can see it helping me in my practice as I become more familiar with it, and can be of maximum help to my clients as my awareness continues to grow. Most definitely it will be of great help to myself, a good barometer to keep on taking better care of my body, mind, and spirit.
  • I feel an increase in a child-like sense of delight/happiness. It feels light and joyful.
  • I tapped on โ€œI know this material already, been doing it for 10 years.โ€ Right away, I realized that I didnโ€™t know the material. I realized that there really was a lot of material in this chapter that was new to me. I was even able to laugh at myself for thinking I knew it all.
  • The Healing Event was like a light bulb switching on for me.
  • The SUE scale is definitely one that I will be using as I think it encompasses everything I have been doing so far in my practice ie starting with the problem on the negative side of the scale and then increasing the energy flow by focussing on what the client does want to take them out of that Zero space of nothing.
  • Aspects model is so much more common sense that parts and much easier to understand especially when you introduce the time line as you say it becomes blatantly clear where the interventions are needed.
  • We then tapped as the EFTeam, and were laughing together about that---I included language saying that he wasnโ€™t alone in this, that we were the EFTeam together handling this, letting energy flow and grow bigger and brighter. He felt a nice sense of freedom and energy.
  • Thank you for your wonderful responses. Other home study courses I have done have not been so instructive in the comments.
  • Working with EFT in this new way has sharpened my awareness, lessened my stress levels and made me feel more balanced and grounded.
  • These units flow so well when you read them and each one contains just about the right amount of information so the info is getting assimilated quickly and will probably stay there as well.
  • Every time that I have used the Heart & Soul Protocol, something extremely โ€œDeepโ€ and Beautiful has happened within me, I even feel tingling sensations, especially around my โ€œThird Eyeโ€ and just a great deal of โ€œPeaceโ€ and an ocean of calmness takes over my being after a take those last 3 deep breaths, I am honestly in awe. Very grateful indeed.
  • What has been most interesting has been to consciously tune into the world of energy, to notice myself shifting in focus from background to foreground, from energy to its effects. What has been helpful is to have the variety of techniques to address the problem from different angles and take whatever information is available from the client and address it with a "best fit" technique. Body Protocol Technique is great and very easy for clients to learn!
  • I know I say Wow every time I send back an assignment but I am not going to apologise for saying Wow this time,ย  I just loved this one. It had everything I believe in, but forced me to look deeper ...
  • I'm really enjoying the course. I thought it would be easy to just breeze through, but its more challenging then I expected. You are making us experience EFT on a very deep level and I'm really appreciative about that. I feel that you are giving us a very thorough grounding on the entire topic.I feel really confident about practicing EFT as a practitioner.
  • I particularly enjoyed the โ€œmy healing handsโ€ exercise. I am a Reiki master, so I always โ€œswitch onโ€ my hands before sessions with my clients, and I loved the way this does the same thing. I enjoy the simplicity and elegance of this experience, and the fact that it can be done by anyone. (well, anyone who does EFT!).
  • As I'm progressing through the material, I keep rereading Units, and every time I read it again, I understand it all on a deeper level.
  • I am enjoying EFT far more than I ever expected and finding it is getting more fascinating all the time!

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