EFT: Tap for World Freedom - First International World Tapping Day!

EFT: Tap for World Freedom - First International World Tapping Day! Jenny and Alan Cox have hired Parkers Piece โ€“ the common in the center of Cambridge, England โ€“ for the first World wide EFT tapping day which will take place on the 23rd April 2006. To find out how you can help, co-ordinate an event in your area or for more details, please read below.

Calling All EFT Tappers - We Need your Help!

Sunday April 23rd 2006

Tap for World Freedom

1st Ever World Wide EFT Tapping Day

Our aim is to get as many EFT Tappers together on the same day, at the same time where ever they may be in the world to tap for Peace and Freedom.

EFT Cambridge has decided to hold an event that will spread this brilliant technique of universal energy across the world.

To accomplish this requires people using EFT who can, and will, put this technique into action. Never has there been a time more favourable to EFT pioneers than the present there is a vast world to be remoulded and redirected along new and better lines and great opportunities to develop everyone on our planet.

We would like to see as many events co-ordinated to โ€œTap for Peace and Freedomโ€ as possible within local communities and synchronize the times so we all โ€œTap as oneโ€.

If you have any thoughts, ideas or would be interested in co-ordinating an event with us please feel free to get in touch with Jenny & Alan Cox on:

Email: jenny@natural-balance.me.uk
Telephone: 01223 241092 or 07880 635851
- or take a look at the website at www.eftcambridge.co.uk.

Please pass this information to to any colleagues, friends or family that may be interested in supporting this event.

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