EFT Tapping The Top Of The Head

EFT Tapping The Top Of The Head

Why tap the top of the head in EFT? Here is a repost from 2002, in which Ananga Sivyer explains why she uses the top of the head or crown point in her EFT treatment protocols, with background information on the meridians involved.

Tapping The Top Of The Head/Crown In EFT Treatments

Ananga Sivyer writes:

Here's a little background on the top of the head or crown point to illustrate it's significance as an additional EFT tapping point.

I often add this point to the EFT sequence when working with clients, particularly when working with addictions.

According to the ancient texts of Ayurvedic Medicine this point is called Adhipatti (meaning Lord of All) and is considered vital in balancing health and regulating the vata dosha (the vata dosha is very much to do with balancing the mind & emotions).

In marma therapy - the original system for working with the points and energy channels of the body - the top of the head or crown point is used for controlling the mind and central nervous system.

The top of the head or crown point is connected to the crown chakra it also has a direct relationship with the brow chakra (which is located at point GV24.5 on the same energy channel).

Hoping this may be of interest :-)

Ananga Sivyer

Author, The Art & Science Of Emotional Freedom
Licensed Practitioner & Trainer of Meridian Therapies
Chandra UK

  • This article was first published on TheAMT on Tuesday, February 05, 2002
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Ananga Sivyer
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