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EFT - The Path to Cosmic Consciousness

EFT - The Path to Cosmic Consciousness

In this article from GoE Practitioner Dr. Ray Lawrence, we look at the use of EFT tapping into the full potential of the cosmic mind.

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Everything in the Universe has a Compliment.
When they are joined, they create something far greater than both separate.

Light and Dark: Together they form the world we sense, both seen and unseen.
Male and Female: Together they form Love.
Spirit and Body: Together they form the Mind.

The mind has two complimentary parts, the Conscious mind and unconscious mind;ย ย  If we use them together they form the Cosmic-conscious mind.

The Conscious mind uses electrical energy and the unconscious mind uses chemical energy. The electrical energy moves our muscles at our command. The chemical energy does what it must do, to protect us from harm, and keep us alive.ย 

These energies are powerful enough alone, but together they can accomplish miracles. The combined power changes the chemistry of the body and mind, and produces the stoniest emotions and feelings.

A mother rips off a car door by its hinges to save her trapped child.

A soldier drops on a hand grenade, using his own body, to protect his friends from harm.

Guided prayer and meditation contribute to miraculous healing and cures.

These are everyday events. They are done by ordinary people, driven by powerful emotion.

EFT when used in conjunction with proper breathing, guided thought forms, and movement, is the most simple and direct way to generate these emotions, unites these energies, and helps us to use the full potential of our Cosmic mind.

When these two energies field come together, the power produced is like a nuclear reactor.ย  Like a reactor needs โ€œControl Rodsโ€ to contain and shape the power, People when they produce the cosmic power field, need a Guide, until they can control the power on their own.

When I discovered this technique, I was reminded of an event which happened to me in my early twenties.ย ย  I was working, as a physicist, part of a team building a nuclear engine for the first spacecraft.ย  We attended a tour of the site where the first atomic bone was tested.ย  We stood in the middle of a desert, gathered around a pyramid built of scorched rocks. The guide said that Robert Oppenheimer, referred to as the "father of the atomic bomb", stood in this spot, called Trinity, and said, quoting the Bhagavad Gita:ย  "Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds."

But today, years after his death, nuclear medicine has channeled this energy into thousands of healing tools, curing millions of peoples.

Dr. Ray Lawrence

As a working scientist I must research everything before I start an effort.ย  So I did with MET.ย  I found, and have been proved correct; the only way to become well versed in MET and EFT fields is to take the courses offered by the AMT.ย  The materials presented reflect the latest finding available in a easily understandable format.ย  Both the course composer and my tutor have displayed deep empathy for the human condition, with a truly remarkable style and grace.

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