EFT Unlocks Creative Talents, Practical Writing Skills - And The Heart Of Gold ...

EFT Unlocks Creative Talents, Practical Writing Skills - And The Heart Of Gold ...

From Silvia Hartmann:

Earlier this year, we started a project to help people who want to write a book so that their dream not only comes true, but that the book they end up with is something they can be proud of, WE can be proud of having published, and most importantly, that they should have a WONDERFUL expressive, creative experience with their first book.

Writing any book is a big deal; getting ready to write your FIRST book is a HUGE step. People who haven't done it don't really appreciate how
challenging that is, and what it actually means to a person to have come to a point in their life where they not only feel they have something to say, something to contribute, but are also ready to put down their thoughts in writing for all to see, potentially for all times, to be judged upon, to be counted by.
I remember when I got the first copy of my first book ever in the mail
and stood holding it in my hand. I was 28 at the time and the whole
world changed for me in that instant.

I remember well how hard it had been to get to that moment; how many
people had tried to put the idea down, had tried to put me down; and
often, I was the first amongst those!

The whole process was incredibly painful, from the concept, to writing
the book, to struggling with all sorts of things and that's one of the
reasons why I decided to introduce the author coaching program, to make
it easier, more beautiful, more the kind of experience that really empowers a person - and sets them up for a whole new chapter in their own lives.

That's what writing a book really represents, a new chapter in your life.

It changes your self concept, your self esteem in a very profound and practical way, in a different way than "just thinking about it" can achieve.

So here I have set the scene for an extremely challenging and important endeavour; and the truth is that many people try "to write their book", but it's just too difficult, and it never happens, for a myriad of seemingly oh-so-good reasons.

As I started the author coaching program, it soon became clear how important and how AMAZING it was to have EFT on board.

EFT is not just incredibly quick and easy to do, it is also very flexible and the kind of THOUGHTS and reversal that intrude when someone tries to do something like writing sentences that make sense, and that FLOW, can be tackled directly and there and then.

In fact, EFT is so good for this program, I've jumped ahead to the actual writing and the flow of ideas that should and must be translated smoothly into words and phrases, pictures and events on the page - now you tell me, what would we do WITHOUT EFT to get a person to stop reversing themselves when they are writing?

One author started out by quite literally, reversing what they had said in the previous part of the sentence.

For example, they would write, "The grass was green, but perhaps it would be better to say that it was sort of greeny-greyish with a hint of blue ..."

Or, "He was 6 feet tall although others might say he was only 5'8", or 6'4"

What happens there is that a statement was made, and then a reversal kicks in that questions whether that statement was accurate, and then the further statements appear to answer that reversal.

Can you imagine how many years in "writing school" it would take to correct this problem?

The best you could ever hope for is for the author to SURPRESS the reversal part of the sentence - but then you get a ZZZZT in the paragraph, as the next sentence is jumping, going out of flow, as it must.

With a few taps of EFT, this was repaired and the author then went on to state confidently, "The grass was green, and the sky was blue ..."

Phew! What a relief!

But that's just one example of literally a thousand different ways in which being able to say to the authors, "I think you should tap on that ..." has literally transformed the experience of teaching them, reading what they've written, and coaching them to think like a successful author.

That brings me back to the beginning - each author had to make a list and tap for all the fears and terrors, reversals and ideas they might have had that could have gotten into the way of the project.

That made SUCH a HUGE difference to the entire project, before even one word had been written!

Not only did the fact that in this case, both the teacher/coach AND their charges knew about EFT, help get the project underway, and near enough instantly repair any kind of problems in the actual writing itself, all of which is simply unprecedented in the history of mankind! but there is also one more thing.

At the very heart of every truly great book book ever written there is a kind of heart of gold - the real reason why the author wants to share this, something important, some pure and powerful, some form of human experience that would be an asset to others if they could partake of it.

I could literally see, hear and feel the reversals falling away, the shields dropping, the old fears clanging to the floor, and as this was happening, I could sense that "the heart of gold" was beginning to become revealed more strongly, the message was becoming more defined, easier to understand, more present.

That is extraordinary, and to have a tool that ALLOWS this to happen, our dear EFT, so easily, is nothing short of miraculous.

So what I'd like to say is that yes, we all know about EFT, and yes, we use it, but every so often, it is a good thing to stop and consider how remarkable this tool is, and how it allows us to do things better, in a different way, achieve things that were simply out of reach for people before we had it.

The author experience for me is amazing. I LOVE talking to them, encouraging them, helping them out with technical stuff and being a part of this journey they are taking into a new and uncharted time of their lives.

EFT has helped to make what previously would have been such a challenge, fraught with difficulties and pain, into something totally new, something beautiful, something that has never been before.

Wonderful - and what excitement for the future!

All hail dear EFT :-)

Silvia Hartmann
Author, Adventures In EFT

Author Program: https://starfields.org/book.htm

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