Anger - Is It In My Head Or Is It In My Body?

Have you ever said, โ€œI am so angry with โ€ฆโ€ฆ(someone or something)!โ€? I bet you have and then you have gone into a long diatribe about the content of whatever makes you angry โ€“ most angry people do. Someone may say, โ€œThis anger is all in your head, in your thoughts,โ€ which makes angry people get even more angry still.

Often people claim a right to their anger, justify it and say, โ€œWhat do you mean? You would be angry too in the same situation.โ€  This is where I begin to realize how much of our time is spent feeding our anger through our thoughts.

So I say, โ€œWhen you have a thought that makes you feel angry where do you feel that anger in your body?โ€  Often, the person may look at me in amazement and then say, โ€œI know that I am angry in my head.โ€ I ask the person if they can touch their anger with their hands and they say, โ€œNo, but I feel it.โ€ Right! Now we are getting close to what itโ€™s all about.

For perhaps the first time this person may think about how our minds work. We have a thought and the thought generates an e-motion. The โ€˜eโ€™ stands for energy and โ€˜motionโ€™ means movement. So once we have a thought, energy is set in motion and energy in motion does not stay only in the head, because we are not just physical but also beings of energy. This is the same energy as the wind blowing, the trees growing and all the other wonderful things that happen in our world. In our body this flow of life energy enables all the wonderful happenings that keep us alive and help us grow as humans.

So instead of stressing ourselves out unnecessarily we need to consider what happens when we get angry (or sad, or fearful, or even joyful). Our feelings and emotions are triggered by events, people and our thought response to them. Our thoughts will be fed by our experiences and perceptions. Once triggered our feelings and emotions need to move โ€“ there is something real that needs to move, and that is the energy flowing through our bodies. When we feel anger, the normal flow of energy has been disrupted, and the energy flow has stopped โ€“ the anger energy got stuck in some part of our body.

As long as it remains stuck, we can't help but โ€œfeel angryโ€ - and stay angry until the energy starts to flow again.

So how do we cause the anger energy to flow again? First we need to become aware of these anger energies and instead of paying so much attention to the thoughts, the reasons, the judgements and all of that, we need to pay attention where we feel this anger in our bodies.

When you angry, where do you feel this strike of lightning first that makes you lash out angrily as a reflex? Show me with your hands. That is where the energy is stuck, that's the place in your energy body that needs the healing.

Now we realize this anger can be moved since this is only energy and energy needs to flow.

By focussing on the place where we feel the anger the most, and allowing our intention to penetrate the blockage there, we can begin to soften the energy until it can follow its own pathway through and out of our body. And what a relief when this happens! The pressure is gone, the emotional pain of anger is gone, and you can literally feel all that stored up โ€œangerโ€ draining away.

Right away, the thoughts become clearer โ€“ they are no longer blaming, judging, angry thoughts but instead, we start to see the bigger picture again.

The sceptic will insist that it cannot be as simple as this. The only answer is, โ€œTry it and feel for yourself!โ€

So the answer to the question, โ€œIs anger in my head, or in my body?โ€ is that anger is a form of energy which is a problem in the energy body but is also felt through the physical body.

Dr Hartmann discovered this some years ago and since then has researched and developed a very simple way of releasing the blocked energy of emotions in the body. The method is called EMO and has already helped many hundreds of thousands of people get control of their emotions and learn to deal with anger in a whole new way.

I encourage you strongly to experience Emotrance for yourself. Once learned, you will be able to use it for yourself and to help family and friends.

Apart from releasing anger emotions, Emotrance can also be used for many other life situations which have an emotional component such as difficulties with learning, enhancing appreciation and enjoyment of events and people, improving relationships, healing grief, releasing guilt and shame as well as many other benefits.

Margarita Foley
January 3rd 2009

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