Emotional Eating, Emotional Overeating - Why Do Our Feelings Make Us Eat?

Emotional Eating, Emotional Overeating - Why Do Our Feelings Make Us Eat? Understanding how your EMOTIONS affect your WEIGHT is one thing and to ask if your past hold the KEY to your DIETING HABITS is another. But here is a far more direct route to get control of emotional overeating and emotional eating - here is something NEW that really works to make those hungry emotions literally disappear.

There are many theories on the causes of why we emotional eat. You will read and listen to many views including both psychological and physiological reasons - but at the end of the day it is FEELINGS that drive us to the fridge or the cupboard, feelings of need, of hunger, feeling we don't want to feel and we know we can make them go away when we eat something, feelings that are so strong that we can't ignore them or fight them off with willpower - and that is what leads to emotional overeating.

We can set out with all good intentions when trying to lose weight, going to a diet club, throwing out everything in the cupboards, going to the supermarket armed with a healthy shopping list, feeling extremely smug when looking at other shoppers trolley’s full of pizza, burgers, chips and various processed meals and joining that gym thinking this is it, this is the time when I crack whatever it is that is stopping me being at my goal weight. It’s all about healthy eating, exercise and nothing more!

Then BANG something comes along to rock your world and that highly motivated beginning has disappeared.

The REASON - there’s is something else, another part of the equation, your feelings, your EMOTIONS and how they affect you in your everyday life including your quest to LOSE WEIGHT and keep it off.

So do you want to master your EMOTIONS and BREAK this ongoing cycle once and for all?

As humans we have our physical body with all its systems, however we also have an ENERGY body and our physical body give us the feedback as to where we are storing our emotions that may affect us with all sorts of LIFE ISSUES but for now we will focus on breaking FREE from our ongoing WEIGHT LOSS battle.

Going on a DIET to many people often means living a restrictive lifestyle, making radical dietary changes, cutting out certain food groups and missing out on having fun, parties etc. This often can leave you feeling FRUSTRATED, STRESSED, ANXIOUS, and even DEPRESSED. So then all your good intentions go to waste because you tell yourself things like “what’s the point”, “nothing ever changes”, “I knew it wouldn’t work”, “I am useless” and the list goes on. You then unfortunately go back to your old habits. Does all this sound familiar?

SO what if you could MASTER your emotions and break the habits that affect you and your WEIGHT?

You CAN with EMOTRANCE. EMOTRANCE it is a fantastic simple, YET VERY PROFOUND technique that anyone can use in any moment when emotions are running high and threatening to overwhelm to literally transform emotions from feeling bad to feeling good instead. EMO is extremely powerful and amazingly effective at stopping emotional overeating.

One aspect of understanding how your emotions affect you and your weight is to look at your past, go back as far as you can remember, acknowledge events, issues, and incidents that had an impact on your life and look at how they affected you emotionally. The FANTASTIC thing with EMOTRANCE is that no matter how old, how painful the problem is EMOTRANCE can work swiftly and give you very instant emotional transformational results. So once you have indentified the main EMOTIONS from the past, you can use the techniques to clear each and every past hurt, giving you EMOTIONAL FREEDOM to assist you with LOSING WEIGHT and all its many challenges.

So if you want to learn how to eat what you love and not gain WEIGHT, Stop CRAVINGS, obsessions and compulsions in just a few minutes, get and stay motivated to LOSE WEIGHT then use EMOTRANCE to help stop the struggle and gain CONTROL.

EMOTRANCE is very accessible you can start by taking a look at www.emotrance.com or by reading “Oceans of Energy” by Silvia Hartmann the founder of EMOTRANCE. You can also visit an EMO practitioner who is an energy specialist and their role is to work with you and help you take charge of your emotions, tackle the root causes of weight gain and break the ongoing cycle of DIETING so that emotional overeating becomes a thing of the past.

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