How To Heal A Broken Heart

How To Heal A Broken Heart If you suffer from a broken heart, have experienced real heartache, and the emotional pain that comes from a broken heart, here is a simple but profoundly positive and powerful method of self healing, that will help you heal your broken heart over time, and help you to recover so you can start to live again, and learn to love again.


How To Heal A Broken Heart

by Silvia Hartmann


Heartache is a very particular kind of pain - a pain unlike any other, and it really does feel as though your heart is broken.

Now the doctors tell us, "There is nothing wrong with your heart. It's strong, it is healthy, and all the tests show that your heart is in perfect working condition."

So where does the heartache come from?

Where does this heart pain come from?

Is it possible to even die of a broken heart - when "there's nothing wrong with the heart"?

The answer really is very simple.

What hurts so much is not the flesh heart that pumps the blood around our veins, but instead, it is the heart of energy, the energy system that is very real and sits in the center of the entire human energy system, and powers it all.

In EMO we say that all emotions come from the energy system - and that this isn't spooky, or strange, but simple, and true.

If it hurts in your heart area, and your physical heart is sound, then it is your heart of energy that sorely needs healing and is crying out for this - HELP ME!

Emotions are NOT all in your head - they are in your body, and they are completely real.

To a degree, it doesn't even matter HOW an injury in the energy body that is so bad that you can actually FEEL IT ABSOLUTELY in your body has been sustained.

This happens all the time as we go through life, as loved ones leave or die; as one thing and the other befalls us, and just as most people in their time have sustained injuries to their legs, or hands, gotten a cold, or a broken leg or such, the energy system too gets injured.

Unlike the physical body, which IMMEDIATELY receives a lot of attention with bandages and ointments, pills and potions, a herd of specialists descending on the smallest itch and the slightest scratch, the energy body receives - NOTHING.

It is totally left to its own devices and no-one seems to care or even notice - apart from that person whose energy body is crying out in pain, and those people FEEL the powerful emotions that are entitled bereavement, anger, sadness, loss, grief, trauma and so on and so forth and for which no real help is forthcoming of any kind.

As the heart of energy is the center of the human energy body, when it starts to become sick - heart sick, as the term goes! - the WHOLE energy system is affected.

It becomes difficult if not completely impossible to ignore this pain, and there are no good, positive emotions such as joy, or hope even for the future forthcoming.

These positive emotions, just like the negative cries for pain, also tell us what is happening in our energy bodies - and when you have heartache, and live with constant heart pain, and the heart isn't circulating bright new energies all the time as it should because it is sick, then OF COURSE we cannot be happy, or cheerful.

The bad news is that hardly anyone knows this simple connection between the energy system and the emotional pain of heartache even exists.

The good news is that once you know that you are dealing not with imagination, or insanity, but instead with a REAL INJURY that needs REAL HEALING, we can spring into action and do something about heart pain and heart ache, and essentially, learn how to heal the broken heart.

The heart of energy was NOT broken by sticks or stones, or someone shooting at it with a gun - it was injured through an energy event, like for example a loved one, with whom the energy heart had a "heart connection" being "torn away" through illness, accident, life events, or death.

Or, and this is another common event, someone gave someone else their heart, or rather, access to their heart of energy, and this other person treated it badly, unlovingly, sent destructive energy forms that made the heart of energy sad, or sick.

If you suffer from a broken heart, then you will know EXACTLY when that happened, and how that happened, and you can show me with your hands EXACTLY where it hurts the most - "just" because it is an energy event, doesn't mean that it's not totally real, and that this event has the power to change lives, even to destroy life itself, because it is absolutely possible to die of a broken heart.

That's where it starts; the energy system goes down, and eventually, the physical system responds in kind, the immune system goes down, illnesses take hold and the person has died - not really of pneumonia, or cancer, or of a heart attack, but the reason and cause what the failure of the heart of energy, and the events that happened to cause these injuries in the first place.

Now that we have established that we have a heart made of energy, which was injured by energy events, it then becomes completely logical to say, "So now we must use energy to heal the broken heart."

Nothing else will do - you need to heal the heart of energy at its own level, exactly where the damage was done, and using the same modality - energy healing, of course.

Now don't start worrying that this sounds horribly complicated, because it isn't.

Energy healing is completely NATURAL to all  human beings, and all human beings can do it, and often do do it, even if they don't know what they're doing anymore.

A mother, for example, if she is a good mother, will not just stick a plaster on the child's injury, but she will also blow on it, or even "kiss it better" - sending loving, healing energy into that wound, to heal not just the physical, but the energy body as well.

Likewise, if we want to heal a broken heart, we have to send healing energy forms to the heart of energy so it can mend and get back into working order.

There are very few people who specialise these days in healing the energy system so directly; there is a lot of misinformation about, and a lot of misunderstandings about how energy healing works, and how to do it properly.

If you know an energy healer, you will have to tell them to literally put their healing hands on your heart and direct their attention there; if you don't do that, they'll do all sorts of things but often miss the "central point" of the whole exercise, getting lost in the many symptoms that come along when the heart of energy is sick, rather than focussing on the real cause of the problem.

If you have an EMO practitioner in your neighbourhood, I would recommend strongly that you seek them out and enlist their help to heal your broken heart and end not just your heartache, but also all the other symptoms like depression, sadness, uncontrollable emotions, anxiety, crying, shaking and the mental symptoms as well, like bad thoughts that spin out of control, and having no hope for the future.

If you don't have an EMO practitioner to hand, you can start a process of self healing by focusing whatever energy you have left on your own heart of energy, and sending your healing desire and your love to your own heart, very much like the loving mother will kiss the hurt of the child better.

You do not have to be a great healer to notice results pretty much right away.

ALL our hearts are so starved for love and attention, and all our energy systems pretty much constantly cry out for more attention to come their way.

A drop of rain is a miracle to a parched man, and it will give him just a little more strength to take another step towards the oasis, where salvation lies.

Just a little attention and energy from yourself, directed at your own heart of energy and the desire to help heal the broken heart will start a positive spiral, whereby you start to feel a little better, then you have a little more energy, and that makes you feel even better still, gives you even more energy, and so on, until the heart is healed.

It takes a little longer than if you worked with a practitioner, but it is very gentle, very loving and gives you a whole new appreciation of YOUR OWN HEALING HANDS, of your own heart of energy, of your own abilities and your own life.

We all have an energy body, we all have energy hearts and we certainly likewise all have healing hands - even if we've never really used them before.

So here is the simple, beautiful and very powerful Heart Healing for you:

Place your hands on the center of your chest, or where you feel the heartache and the heart pain the most.

Close your eyes.

Think about your heart of energy that should be shining like the sun, and think about your healing hands, feel them warm and protective on your skin, and let that warmth and love move deeper into you, touching your heart of energy, warming it, giving it love, giving it life, asking it to restore itself, to fight for life, to come back to full life for you.

Be gentle and loving, breathe deeply because that helps to flow more energy through you and through your healing hands into your heart of energy.

Continue flowing energy into your heart until can feel that it is done for this time; the flow stops quite naturally, and you feel much more peaceful, relieved in the strangest way, and also grateful to your own healing hands and to yourself for having taking this action, and done the right thing.

Now, think of the Heart Healing just like you would think of taking a healing medicine - you don't just take one dose, but you take it three times a day, regularly, to let the positive effect build up over time.

You don't stop just because the pain has gone away after a day or two; to properly heal the heart, complete the full course of treatments, every day.

I recommend to do the Heart Healing 3x a day, for 9 days without a fail.

After that, do it whenever you feel the need, or you feel a pain or heaviness in your heart again; you will find that it is much quicker and easier this time, and of course, the more you use your healing hands, the better the energy flow becomes, the more easy it becomes to use your healing hands, and the more experienced you become in healing with energy for energy.

By all means, share this with others.

Even little children can start using their own healing hands on themselves, but also on their parents and other children, to help really heal emotional pain, and not just in the heart.

There are many places where people feel emotional pain, be it stabbing pains in the stomach that precede an anger outburst, or pain in the chest that rises into the throat, into the head and then we must cry; and of course, there are places where emotional pain has been going on for so long, that they have already caused problems in the body, such as pains in the neck, in the shoulders, in the stomach, in the knees, in the head.

USE your healing hands to help others that you love, and most of all, yourself, because the more we heal the energy system, the happier and more effective we become in every way, the more capable of bouncing back when heartache strikes again, the more willing of taking the risks of loving someone - when our energy systems work well, we simply become better people in every way.

We have created a simple meditation for Heart Healing which you can download free of charge from to give a little extra help and energy to get you started on your own personal heart healing, and to help people around the world learn about how we really can heal a broken heart, and instead of living a life of endless suffering, can start to live, and love again.

Silvia Hartmann

How To Heal A Broken Heart © Silvia Hartmann 2009

Download The Heart Healing Meditation from


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