Secret Therapy: How To Get Help Without Having To Talk About Your Feelings

Secret Therapy: How To Get Help Without Having To Talk About Your Feelings

One of the greatest hurdles for people who know they need help with their emotions and feelings is the idea from old fashioned psychotherapy that they have to talk about their problems and tell all. But what if the cause of the problem is a secret that cannot or must not be told?

What if the client is a general, or a high executive, or a leader in general and cannot possibly talk about the problem? Or if the root of the problem simply cannot be talked about for any other reason?

That's when we have "secret therapy" - doing real, fast, reliable healing on the real causes of the problem without ever having to talk ABOUT any aspect of the problem at all.

Let me give you an example of "secret therapy" with EMO.

Instead of talking and talking without an end, EMO works directly with the feelings in the body that *are* what we call "emotions". This makes changing the way we feel and healing emotional scars and emotional injuries easy and profound.

So let us say the client in this case is a General who was responsible for making a decision in a war that led directly to great loss of life and was basically, a mistake.

He can't talk about this to anyone and over time, this is not getting better but worse instead. He has nightmares, can't sleep, and has recently started to tremble and find that he has breathing difficulties in many different situations, and especially when decisions have to be made. It has further affected his libido, his relationship with his wife and his children, has caused him to lose ground in his beloved sport of golf which always previously came to the rescue, there is no joy in his life left and now on top of everything else, he thinks he might have a heart attack and fail physical exams, being forced to retire early.

He can't talk about any of these symptoms, because each one would go straight to the underlying cause about which he can't talk.

So, here he is, on the telephone with an EMO practitioner.

This is how "secret therapy" EMO style would work.

ETP = EMO Practitioner, G = General

ETP: "There is a feeling in your body associated with the problem, something you never felt before, the first time you felt this feeling was when the problem started.

"Where is this feeling in your body? Can you put your free hand on the place where it is and tell me where it is, exactly?"

G: "Yes, I know exactly what you mean. It is a hot feeling that started in the center of my chest, then spreads out all over my body. I thought it was a heart attack at the time."

ETP: "Ok, that's very good. Take a deep breath. And another one. Keep your hand on the place where it started, perhaps move it around a little, keep breathing deeply.

"It's like an energy bomb went off in your energy system on that day the problem started, you felt that, and that's what's causing your problems now."

G: "That makes a lot of sense to me, that's exactly what it feels like. Can the damage that was done be repaired?"

ETP: "It was a very high energy charge that surged through your systems. What we need to do is to find the right pathways through which this energy has to travel to get out of your systems. It's easy. Breathe deeply all the while we do this, ok?"

G: "Ok."

ETP: "Think about the problem, or that moment the problem started for a moment, just enough so you can get the physical feeling back and you can feel it, but not so much it takes you over completely.

"Can you do that?"

G: "Yes ..."

ETP: "Pay attention to the physical feelings, what you can feel right now in your body. There is always a feeling of pressure, of something pushing somewhere associated with these. Where does this charge of energy need to go? Up, down, to the sides?"

G: "It feels like trying to push upwards, higher up my chest."

ETP: "Oh, very good! That's the pathway it was trying to take, and when it got blocked there, it just exploded all over the place.

"Can you put your hand where it gets blocked, higher up on your chest?"

G: "Doing that now."

ETP: "Ok, now keep massaging this erea with your hand. Breathe deeply. You work on this blockage from the inside, tell it to soften, and flow, with every out breath, and I work on it too with my intention. This is not a physical blockage, it is only energy, and energy moves when we put our minds to it.

"Breathe deeply, massage it round, think "soften and flow" in your mind.

"What is happening to the feeling now?"

G: "Feels - strange, like there is something expanding, trying to rise up into my throat."

ETP: "Yes, that's right, that's very good - and don't worry, it is just an energy, you don't have to speak any words if the energy rises higher and actually leaves your body, it's only an energy, no-one will hear it ..."

G (swallows audibly): "Ok."

ETP: "Keep encouraging the energy to move upwards with your hands and your intention. Soften and flow."

G: "It's going higher ..." (starts to cough)

ETP: "Ok, that's very good indeed. Now we need to find the exit point. All energy channels have an exit point, and once we've found that, we're nearly done. Remember to keep breathing and also use your hand, it's a healing hand you know."

G: "Healing hands? Me?"

ETP: "Everyone has healing hands. Just like everyone has an energy system, and emotions, even if they try to ignore it all their lives ..."

"How is it going?"

G: "At first I thought the ... pressure was going to go out of my mouth, but it is moving higher, into my head now. There is a lot of pressure in my head now ..."

ETP: "Yes, you've been under an awful lot of pressure. Keep breathing and follow with the movement, the path, of the pressure.

"Where is the exit point?"

G: "I'm not sure, I think it's on the top of my head ..."

ETP: "Soften and flow, it's only energy ..."

G: "Ok, yes, something is happening on my head, like a helmet ..."

ETP: "It's only energy, that's all, keep encouraging the energy to leave, go out, release the pressure ... rub your head, that helps, and move your neck, that helps the energy flow ... breathe deeply ..."

G: "Oh, yes, yes, that's better ... that's much better, it really feels now as though there is something flowing out ... and my neck is tingling, my arms ... strange electric feeling, I can feel it in my legs now ..."

ETP:"Very, very good! Keep it going! Let that pressure flow out and move in response to the feelings ..."

G: "I feel so much - lighter, as though I had just woken up ... have I been asleep all this time? Since it happened?" (A deep sigh is heard, then another)

ETP: "Now think about your problem again, and this time when the feeling starts in the center of your chest, immediately encourage the energy movement up and out to the exit you found on the top of your head.

"Can you do that?"

G: "Yes ... oh this is remarkable ... the relief ... that feels ... good, it feels good ..."

We leave the session there and let the ETP finish up in privacy; the secret is safe, and the help and healing has happened, and no-one ever needs to know what went on.

The General will learn how to handle the energy movements that cause emotions and then all the other symptoms; and might just have found something that he has been missing in life to help him with emotions in general (no pun intended) and to get a better relationship with his wife, friends and children as a bonus, and a bye the bye.

So, and if you have a secret that you can't tell anyone about for whatever reason, and you know you need "therapy for your secret" and thought it was impossible to ever get help "unless you told all" - rejoice.

EMO doesn't need to know. It doesn't judge. It is a true emotional healing modality that only heals, puts to rights what once went wrong, and helps people evolve beyond their problems.

There may be those who hold that some people don't deserve to be healed and what they did was so awful that the pain should never be taken away.

Sometimes, the people themselves who hold the secret think that.

This is of course up to each individual; ETPs are healers who heal, and we might say, leave the judgement up to someone who is better placed to do so, God for example.

An addendum: Any half finished energy movements, secrets or not, evil deeds or not, leads to the person only "learning half the lesson".

It is not until the entire process is complete, that the real lessons have been learned; which is why people often repeat their traumas and don't seem to learn from their mistakes.

In order to not repeat mistakes of the past, it is of the essence to stop the suffering and complete the lesson. Then the bigger picture emerges, and a person has EVOLVED.

Silvia Hartmann

Author, "Oceans Of Energy"

August 2010

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