When Will My Depression Lift?

When Will My Depression Lift?

A visitor to this site asked, "When does depression lift?

"I have been diagnosed with depression and it has been five years, when is it going to be over?"

When does depression lift?

A visitor to www.EmotionsandFeelings.com asked, "When does depression lift? I have been diagnosed with depression and it has been five years, when is it going to be over?"

Unlike general psychology, which does not have a working theory for depression or what that is, or for any other form of emotion for that matter, energy psychology has an answer to the question of, "When will my depression lift?"

Energy psychology states that negative emotional states come about because of negative or unhealthy conditions in a person's energy system.

That emotions are nothing more, and certainly nothing less, than the pain we feel in the body which is the direct result of movements in the energy body.

From this perspective, the question of not just "When will my depression lift?" but also, "HOW do you lift depression?" can be answered, namely by "treating and healing that in the energy system which is the major cause for the entire system to have become "depressed".

Talking type psychology therapies have rightfully noticed that there was a time before this problem came into being, and that therefore, there must be a reason for the problem to exist.

However, talking about the reason does not alleviate the pain and suffering any more than talking about a bullet in the chest alleviates the pain this is causing, nor the infections that will set in if this remains untreated.

In EMO and energy psychology we say that the person who is suffering from depression now (or from anger outbursts, emotional instability, bereavement, shame and all those many, many words we have for all these different emotions) has sustained an injury in their energy body at some time.

That is the "something happened" - something did happen, sometimes in childhood, and sometimes in adulthood, accident, attack, illness, loss of a loved one, stress breakdown, nervous breakdown etc. etc.

Only this something didn't just happen "in the mind" as is often wrongfully thought.

Instead, it happened to the energy body and the energy body was damaged or injured, resulting in the corresponding emotional pain.

This emotional pain is designed to let us know exactly where in the invisible energy body the injury is located.

So a person who has lost a loved one may feel the pain of their emotions in their chest; someone who has been fired feels pain in their stomach, and someone who is burdened down by responsibility may feel pain in their shoulders, and their neck.

Over time, this even translates into physical injury - the broken hearted person might have a heart attack, the fired person might get stomach ulcers, and the burdened person may get physical problems in the vertebrae in their neck.

These injuries in the energy system cannot be healed with pills and knives; they have to be healed with energy healing. This is a lot faster and more efficient because it goes directly to the cause of the problem.

So, in depression we may ask, where do you feel these feelings of depression in your body?

Show me with your hands.

A lot of times (but not always, this is very individual and person to each person suffering from depression!) people will indicate their face, or the head.

This is exactly the reason why especially with depression, people have come up with the idea that depression is "all in your mind".

You have to remember that it is not theย  physical head that is injured, it is the energy head, the head of the energy body that we indicate with our hands when we are asked, "Where do you feel the depression the most?"

Now that we know where the injury is located, and it really is as simple as where it hurts the most and where you feel the emotion of depression the most, we can begin with a program of energy healing.

We can self massage those places and use special oils (for example from aromatherapy) to help heal the energy system.

We can use our own healing hands to stroke and encourage restoration in the places where our energy bodies are broken.

We can acquire the help of an energy healer, show them the places where you are hurt.

There are many, MANY ways to set a new healing process in motion, and the change in the emotions, aka the feelings in your body, are your proof that the theory is correct and working as it should.

The excellent news is also that it doesn't matter if a person has been trying to cure their depression with pills and is on anti-depressants or other forms of medication at the moment.

For talking therapy and all its variants, the disturbance of pills and chemicals means that nothing can really work.

As long as a person can identify still where it hurts the most emotionally in their body, and thus discover the location of the actual injury that was sustained at some time, energy healing can take place perfectly well.

And this brings us to the original question of "How long until my depression lifts?"

Exactly as long as it takes for the energy body to heal, and the CAUSE FOR DEPRESSION no longer exists.

It is then that you can also start on a process of reducing any medication you have been taking safely as the reason for it is no longer in place.

And how long does it take to heal a serious injury in the energy body?

Not long at all. Just as the physical body will immediately try and close wounds, do all the things it needs to do to get back to proper functioning, the energy body too has a drive towards good functioning which we call The Even Flow.

With a little bit of encouragement through self healing or with the help of an energy healer, such as an Emotrance practitioner, a noticeable change in the real feelings, the painful emotions, can be felt by most people right away.

It's not difficult, it's simply natural and the right thing to do, as well as no longer being in conflict with medication attempts to make the person feel better in the short term.

If you have been depressed for a long time and feel you have no energy for self healing, then get help from an EMO practitioner. That's just the same as taking a broken bone to a doctor - it is not some kind of admission of failure, just the right thing to do.

But in the meantime, you can still stroke and massage the places on your body where your emotion hurts the most, with a will to healing that. This is a major step in the right direction to help you eventually, lift depression for good.

Silvia Hartmann

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