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EMO & the Release of Blocked Emotions

EMO & the Release of Blocked Emotions

EMO Trainer & presenter at the 2010 EMO Conference, Margarita Foley writes: "As I observe the damage blocked emotions do in my own life and in the lives of others I have searched for  ways to safely access and release these emotions.  

What keeps our emotions blocked? I suggest there are 3 causes. The first is fear. The second is lack of awareness. The third is resistance."

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For a long time we have been taught that the intellect is king. This has caused much misunderstanding of the way we operate. If the intellect is king we may believe that the intellect alone can solve our problems. Since learning that the conscious mind is valuable but not king we have a deeper understanding of who we really are.

With the discovery of EMO we have found a simple but profound way of releasing the energy of emotions which do not respond to our intellectual exertions.
EMO is short for Emotional Transformation. This was discovered by a great Seeker called Silvia Hartmann in 2002 as a result of many years of research.

The theory of EMO is that we have a physical body with physical organs and that feelings in our body inform us about places in our physical body that need attention. For example we may have a stomach pain as a result of unhealthy eating.
Or we may have a cold or flu because of a virus.

 At a deeper layer of our being we have emotions. These emotions inform us about our spirit or the energy of our spirit.  Our spirit radiates in and through our whole body. The conscious mind is where our thoughts arise and it is with our conscious mind that we direct our attention.  So it is that when an event in our lives brings up strong emotions we can direct our thoughts and our attention to our body and the emotional blockages in our body. We are thus led into a deeper awareness of what is happening in our mind and spirit. (It is in our unconscious or energy/spirit mind that emotions are held.)

We are then able to notice emotions which we feel when we hold certain thoughts in our minds.  These cannot be seen or touched but they are real because they are held in our spirit energy. This is what we mean when we say, “It cut through me like a knife”. We feel a cut in our spirit energy because there is a real wound in our spirit energy. Or when we lose someone dear to us we may feel part of us has been torn away. We can even feel this in our body.

 Our mistaken beliefs come from our thoughts and the emotions generated as a result of our experiences  and observations of the behaviour of significant people in our lives. Once established beliefs run our lives.  As an example of this, if I believe that you have negative  intentions I will be afraid of what you might do and I will take action to protect myself from the danger that I perceive  coming from you. I am unaware that it is my thoughts about you that are then driving my response to you. Of course there may be occasions when it is very useful to be wary of others intentions and behaviours. But when we fail to examine our own beliefs we are also unaware of our thoughts and feelings. We continue to operate from beliefs that no longer serve us. We frequently seek evidence to support our held beliefs. This can have catastrophic consequences in our personal, emotional, and social lives.

Sometimes however, even when we become aware that our beliefs do not serve us any longer we may resist changing anything because of our fear of being personally responsible for the direction of our lives. So we sink ever deeper into the mire of blocked thoughts and emotions.

So how can EMO help here?  I suggest that we need to stop and ask

 “What do I feel in my body in response to a thought relating to what is happening and important to me just now.”

 What I feel in my body is simply energy since there is nothing I can touch or see. Energy flows naturally and when the energy in our body is flowing freely we are peaceful and centred. We are able to look calmly at what is happening inside and outside of us.

When we are sad, angry, afraid or emotionally upset in any way this blocks the natural flow of our energy. With EMO we can simply ask,

Where do I feel this in my body?

With our conscious mind we can focus our attention there. We can then have the intention to release the energy that is stuck. We simply allow the energy to find its own pathway out of our bodies. This may take some time, and a trained practitioner can help but it is ultimately we ourselves who are responsible for our own emotional wellbeing.

When we realize this we may be angry or afraid of the implication of being responsible for our own emotions and we may resist taking responsibility. We frequently project onto others blame for our emotions. We are simply avoiding the truth of what is happening. We refuse to consider that our perceptions are our perceptions. Others become the target for our anger. This becomes a river and when a river is in flood we are well aware nowadays of how destructive it can be.

Again EMO can help us out of the flood of emotions. We simply ask, “Where do I feel this in my body?  At first it may seem overwhelming and this is where another person who practices EMO can help us.  And the really good thing is that we do not even need to talk about the content of what we feel. Once we begin to release blocked energy we become much clearer in our minds about what is happening. This is very empowering indeed. We find more peace and enjoyment of the love and goodwill which is to be found even in the most unexpected of places.

We end with a shower of cleansing, healing, renewing energy which is there in abundance and enfolds us all the time. It demands nothing of us just simply that we open ourselves to it. Once we open to it our being is transformed and even the cells of our body can smile again.

Margarita Foley ETTP                                                       March 2010

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