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EMO and ThetaHealing

EMO and ThetaHealing

EMO is well known for its ability to enhance other already effective therapies in order to make them as healing as possible.

In this article, EMO Ambassador and Trainer Patricia Dancing-Elk, looks into using EMO with ThetaHealing.

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EMO and ThetaHealing agree that toxic emotions/emotional energy can contribute to disease and the awareness that emotions, feelings and the power of thought have a direct bearing upon our physical health.ย  With the increasing interest in changing how the mind influences the body to create optimum health EMO and ThetaHealing are valuable tools.

ThetaHealing is best known for the belief and feeling work on all four levels; core, gene, history, and soul.ย  Through โ€œBelief and Feeling Workโ€ ThetaHealing empowers people with the ability to remove and replace negative emotions, feelings and thoughts with positive, beneficial ones through a practitioner/client dance that includes muscle testing for verification of the presence of the belief/emotional energy.ย  As you all know, EMO empowers people to clear the energy disturbance and to re-establish โ€œThe Even Flowโ€, the natural state of the energy body with the disturbance repaired.ย  Both modalities work with emotions, feelings and the power of thought.ย  I have found both of them valuable in my work.ย 

Case history: A woman contacted me for help using ThetaHealing with removing a curse that she said took the form of an object that was inserted into her lumbar area and had caused her loss of job, home, family and health.ย ย  She had found my site on the internet and out of all the modalities I offer, she felt that ThetaHealing would benefit her the most.ย  I began the session as I always do, following ThetaHealing protocol to remove the curse/object. Although I could clearly see Creator removing the curse and the object, she said that she was sure it was still there.ย  I understood at this point that ThetaHealing was not working with her deep seated belief that all of her worries revolved around a curse.ย  I asked her if she was willing to try a new therapy called EMO and she agreed.

Of course, I began with "when you think about this curse being placed on you...............".ย  The energy bounced around her body for some time... softening, moving, flowing out then coming right back to the same spot even stronger, even painful.ย  I finally had the image to ask her to uncross her legs...... which she did.ย  I sometimes forget to ask people about that when on the phone.ย  After uncrossing her legs, the energy softened and began to flow in the proper way.ย  After the third go-round of thinking about the devastation the curse had caused to her, she said "oh, it's not so important anymore".ย  Then I returned to her first requested therapy of ThetaHealing and we found that when we muscle tested "I am doomed to be cursed" the answer was no.ย  Fantastic!ย  I asked her to just notice what she notices is different in her life during the next few days and get back with me.

We have scheduled a follow-up session to work on the many layers of her health and home situation, but this was a marvellous start!

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