In the Quantum Field - Pain After Operation

In the Quantum Field - Pain After Operation

Here is an article from EMO Trainer Petra Groschupf from Germany. It details Petra's use of the Quantumfield with EMO with a client who was experiencing pain two month after an operation.

In my clinic home I use the method Quantum healing for treatments.

Since 2005 I worked a lot with EMO and every day I am learning many things about energy.

My belief is that the universe is a hologram and in the Quantumfield is all the information I would need.

I had a patient with an operation in a hospital on her right elbow.

She came to me 2 months after the operation in my clinic home with pain at her elbow.

I decided to work with the Quantumfield and the two finger point system. First I prepared myself for the treatment: I am one with the quantum field. I let this energy soften and flow through my body. I looked at her body and my intention goes to a point near the right breastbone.

The second point was over her head. I jumped in her energy field and my intention goes in the connection between the two points. I came in the state of not thinking. The energy begins to run in her body seems like big waves.

I saw a picture of her arm. It was now flowing over her head in the body. Then I got the impulse to use the time line. I was counting backwards from her 30 years to 0. In some ages I felt big waves and pictures that were running quickly through my head about her childhood. Some emotions of loneliness were running through her body and she let it soften and flow.

After that I changed the position of my fingers. One goes to navel and the other to the lower back. An Angel was coming. A strong energy was flowing through the body with the quality of relaxing. This energy regenerated her liver.

Then I took one finger to the heart and one to the navel and she felt a big sense of relaxation and I saw the body was filled with a golden energy. This treatment needs only 10 minutes.

After this treatment the patient felt no pain. The pain was disappeared and she felt clear and strong.

EMO helps me so much to handle energy. Energy can flow very quickly through the field and the body. If they don’t flow I know what to do. I use EMO.

The work in the Quantumfield integrated with EMO is a great development for me.

Petra Groschupf EMO Trainer

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