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EMO At A Funeral

EMO At A Funeral

I had to go to a funeral yesterday, it was for the wife of a collegue from work who had lost her long battle with cancer. So not a relative or anything like that.

I wasn't looking forward to it, but I thought I can do some EMO if the worst comes to the worst.

The sun was shining, it was quite hot. We were walking after the hearse down this road and there were graves either side. This was a big cemetary, it seemed to go on forever.

I became more and more uncomfortable. I found it harder and harder to breathe. Finally I remembered EMO and there was this huge pressure in my chest, just under my throat. It was painful. So much pressure it felt like my arms were numb all the way down to my fingers.

For a moment I was afraid to do anything, so much death and sorrow all around, old death death and sorrow and the new death and sorrow, too much I thought. I can't make all that soften and flow.

As I thought it, it happened already. The huge lump in my chest did not dissolve as normal. It exploded.

That is the only way I can describe it, it was like a flaring sun in the middle of my chest and all the energy just rushed out in one explosion.

This is happening while I'm walking in a group of people behind the hearse. I didn't fall down, I kept walking. Everything was different. I can't describe it. Where there had been ย death and suffering, there was only grace, so much love and grace, it made me cry. I can't describe it properly, it was something like knowing, and I mean really knowing, that when we get sick or old, when life becomes too painful, God reaches out and takes us in his arms where we are safe and loved forever.

All those people in the graves, they had all been saved. The lady who died she had been saved too.

Tears of joy were streaming down my face. The people around me thought I was crying because I was sad. I didn't say anything. I let the tears flow and that felt so good, so cleansing. As though so much old pain and fear of my own was being transmuted.

I didn't talk to anyone about it. I didn't tell anyone. I spent the whole time I was there sending gifts of beautiful energy to everyone. Especially the husband who was worn out, and the teenage son and daughter who were angry, confused and afraid.

I cannot tell you how awed I am by this experience. It feels like it has changed everything.

Saying "Thank You" for giving me EMO hardly seems enough.

With my deepest and sincerest gratitude.

K.B., United Kingdom

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