EMO August 2008 Newsletter

EMO August 2008 Newsletter Welcome to the August edition of the EMO newsletter! The FIRST EVER EMO Relationships Consultant Training happened at Sedgwick Park House late last month and Silvia Hartmann, the Creator of EMO, has a brand new book out this month. The Eagerly anticipated Genius Symbols. In this issue: + Article: EMO and Grief by Margarita Foley + News: Silvia Hartmann's NEW book is released this month- Bridging the gap between EMO and Project Sanctuary + Article: Project EMO by Silvia Hartmann + Case Study: Physical Pain, Money Problems and EMO by Varda Banilivy + News: The EMO Primer now available in 5 languages! + Article: Teenagers and EMO by Louise Bliss + Article: EMO with the Power from the Heart by Detlev Tesch +News: The First Ever EMO Relationships Consultant Training was a Triumph! + EMO Conference 2009- Keep these days Free!

**Article: EMO and Grief by Margarita Foley

Margarita Foley writes: Some practitioners of ‘traditional’ psychotherapies have difficulty with the idea of energy and energy movement. Of course it is understandable if the training is around talking and finding catharsis through reliving past events that a therapist could find a problem integrating energy therapy. There seems to be a fear that the dynamic of the counselling or the therapy will be disrupted or changed in some way. I have experienced this fear when doing bereavement counselling as part of an organisation. What if I disrupt the flow of the therapy?

To read more just click here:


**News: Silvia Hartmann's New book is released this month- DragonRising's most successful book launch ever!

The Genius Symbols are finally here! The book was released on Saturday 23rd August (Which was the authors birthday!) and Dr Hartmann believes they are the perfect crossover between EMO and Project Sanctuary.


Silvia Hartmann writes: “I have created a set of symbols to serve as an alphabet to communicate successfully with the energy mind. There are 23 symbols altogether that are readily recognised by BOTH the conscious, AND the energy mind.”

Also, join Dr Hartmann for an extra special teleclass on the 29th August in which she will be discussing her extraordinary new work, The Genius Symbols.


Finally, find out what other people think about the Project Sanctuary/ EMO cross over here:


**Article: Project EMO by Silvia Hartmann

Silvia Hartmann Writes: Today, I had a personal experience of something that shook me up and really brought me face to face again with - well, how different the world is for someone who knows how to do EMO, as opposed to someone who does not....

To read all of Dr Hartmann's article and to find out how YOU can help, just click here:


**Case Study: Physical Pain, Money Problems and EMO by Varda Banilivy

Varda Banilivy Writes:I have been working on a baker cysts. If you do not know, it is a lump of fat waste in the body in this case it is behind the knee and about 4 inches in size.
The person was working on money issues, he/she felt like the energy had decided to hide there, the place of connection between the upper and lower leg, almost preventing the person from moving forward and circulating the blood putting pressure on the nerve system.

As we cleaned and cleared the traumas from childhood of money, the knee felt more at ease to function (this person could not walk at one point for 6 weeks, many recommended an operation). We cleared money and all issues and traumas relating to this and the person started having the desire to walk as an exercise- now walking up to 1 Hour a day.

The knee is evacuating the cysts and although you can still feel it behind the knee it is softer and there is no longer discomfort. I told the patient just go personally into that area thank it for protecting you at a time of need, love it for back then but ask it to soften and flow. Ask it to leave now because it is not needed any more  as it serves no functions. It takes a lot of work in and out and you really have to go there to be there with your mind to be patient and to forgive yourself for holding on the results are great.

By Varda Banilivy


**News: EMO Primer now available in 5 Languages!

Silvia Hartmann's EMO Primer has now been translated into Italian! This joins the ever expanding list that now includes English, Dutch, German, Spanish and Italian!

Please keep those translation coming in!

To find the primer in your language click here:


**Article: Teenagers and EMO by Louise Bliss

Louise Bliss: We have had a lovely experience recently with 16 year old Hannah on our recent Self help and Practitioner workshop.  It was great to see her working with all ages and totally at ease helping people clear many issues, one issue being older than her! In one of the exercises Hannah helped clear a 20 year old problem!  It was great to witness someone with everyday teenage issues clear them one by one. During the feedback session she shared with us the clarity she had gained from using EMO, it was very inspirational to listen to someone so young to have such understanding to some complex emotional issues.

Read all of Louise's article here:


**Article: EMO, with the Power from the Heart by Detlev Tesch

Detlev Tesch Writes: This EMO pattern is very helpful with those difficult cases we occasionally encounter when an energy just won't budge.

Here's what I did for me:

Occasionally I wake up in the morning and find myself in a pretty bad
space emotionally. Mostly it is a sadness or an anxiety or a
combination of unpleasant emotions. Even with ET and EFT I find it
difficult to have them flow.

To find out how Detlev Tesch deals with these cases please click here:


**The First Ever Relationships Consultant Training was a Triumph!

Sandra Hillawi writes: Interesting for me, as a trainer was how different this course was going to be compared to the usual ET Practitioner Trainings. Having planned in plenty of time for people to do healing work, all kinds of old stuff came up. It was surprising to see just how challenging the subject of love was to everyone.

Also, meet Sandra Hillawi on the 23th September 2008 at Waterstone's in Portsmouth! She will be signing books and is happy to answer questions!

To find out how it all went down, with pictures of the participants and the stunning surroundings, click here:


**EMO Conference 2009- Keep These Days Free!
These are not quite confirmed yet, but they will be soon!

24th - 27th April 2009

We are in the process of arranging the conference for next year and we are set on making it the best one yet!

See You There!

Read all about last years conference here:


So, there you go!

I hope you enjoyed the newsletter and as always please feel free to send in you articles for next month and for the website!

Thanks to everyone who has contributed,

Josh Alliston
Communications Officer


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