EMO Case Story: Dr Eric Robinsโ€Ž on Emotional Transformation

EMO Case Story: Dr Eric Robinsโ€Ž on Emotional Transformation

In this case story EMO Trainer & authorย Dr Eric Robinsย details a case with a lady complaining of medical issues. It is then revealed that marital strife may be to blame, and how EMO was used to leave the couple ever more in love!


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A 35 year-old woman came to see me 2 ยฝ months ago for urological issues. As I was reviewing her chart, I noticed a number of other diagnoses including seizures and myo-fascial pain syndrome. In my experience, these conditions are frequently physical manifestations of stress and past traumas. Upon questioning, she revealed that she was having quite a bit of marital strife, that she and her husband were in couples therapy and on the verge of separating.

When doing Emotrance, I like to keep things as vague as possible. I said, "When you think ABOUT your husband, where do you feel that in your body?" and she said, "My heart." I said, "Put your hand there. Begin to notice the raw physical sensation in that area. We aren't going to label it, think about it, or figure anything out. The raw sensation that you are feeling in this moment is the feeling of stuck or blocked energy. And energy is meant to soften and flow. I want you to gently hold the intention, 'Soften and flow, find a way through and out'."

As an Emotrance practitioner, I understand that we use people and situations that are our greatest adversaries to find out where our OWN energy is blocked and to help heal our own energy bodies. I was well aware that if she had energetic blockages to her husband, this would affect how she felt around him and would affect how she would interact with him. We did several rounds of Emotrance, keeping it real simple. Each time the energy moved through, I'd have her think about him again. We did a number of rounds and my suspicion was that the subsequent rounds were hitting several different aspects that reflected her experiences with and feelings towards him. We ended with an energized end state in which she really felt good when thinking about him.

I saw her last week for follow-up. She said that ever since our session her relationship was much better, there had been no fighting, and they were able to stop couples counseling and were more in love than ever before. Of course, since we live in a quantum mechanical world, we know that when one person changes at depth, the others in relationship cannot help but to change. It is the LAW !!

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