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EMO Case Story: EMO & Headaches

EMO Case Story: EMO & Headaches

AMT Trainer Magreet Vink from the Netherlands writes:ย I have been a headache person for as long as I know. I fell from the back of my father's bike when I was four, had a concussion at the time and I always blamed this for my headaches. There were times when I had to take pain killers every day, just to keep functioning.

I have never been able to tap away my headaches or to EMO them away. I always thought it is just something I have to live with...

Then I did a session with Silvia on the fall of the bike and that felt a lot better, but it didn't cure my headaches. But Silvia suggested that it might not be my own headaches but maybe I was taking in other peoples energies.

I kind of rejected that idea, I always thought I was pretty shielded for other people. But it had planted a seed in my being.

This summer I had headaches every day. I was getting quite desperate. Then in August there was a Blue Moon and a friend of mine suggested that we should make a wish. So I wished for my headaches to disappear. But the next day I had a headache again. I talked this through with my friend and she asked me too if they were my own. So I started muscle testing and got a "no" very often. Then a day later, I was still in bed it occurred to me that I could make a shield to prevent those energies to come in and give me a headache.

I gave the shield instructions, it had to be flexible, self learning and in the end when the learning was done, it could disappear. Immediately I felt better. I could actually see the shield in my mind, it was like a golden veil, although words are not good enough to describe it. Since that day I hardly have had headaches.

It's February now, and since September I had an occasional headache now and then. Due to drinking not enough water, being to long in the same posture behind the computer or something. Explainable headaches.

Is the shield still there? Yes, it is. I didn't think so for a while because I couldn't see or feel it anymore. In the beginning I brushed it now and then, but I don't need to do that anymore. But just last week I felt something coming up and I brushed it again. So it is still there, but only when needed.

This was a new insight as well. Shields are not always bad. The can help you get used to certain energies if you instruct them correctly. They are a great learning tool!

Margreet Vink, 2013

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