EMO Case Story: It's Amazing (part one)

EMO Case Story: It's Amazing (part one)

In this case story Advanced Practitioner of EMO, Trainer and Trainer of Trainersย Patricia Walls, details a case which she describes asย a fantastic learning experience for her.

Patriciaย writes: Of all the therapies that I use in my practice, EMO is by far my favourite and the most effective.ย 

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It's Amazing

Hello everyone. As an Advanced Practitioner of EMO, Trainer and Trainer of Trainers I have been privileged to work with many people using EMO over the last 7 years. Of all the therapies that I use in my practice, EMO is far my favourite and the most effective. Some, even most, of my clients are healers with their own practice. Other alternative healers/energists are my favourite clients because they are ready to do the work and dig right in without much prompting.

As a note, I haven't found any illness or ailment that EMO cannot address and safely resolve. And, I competently blend EMO with my other therapies to bring greater resolve in any situation.

That is what I want to share with you today.

Although I have used EMO with many people who are survivors of incest or sexual abuse, this latest case was a fantastic learning experience for me. Well, they are all learning experiences, really. Each client and/or student brings a new perspective on what can be accomplished using EMO.

My client, that I shall call Susan for privacy sake, contacted me because her new marriage was really suffering due to her inability to be the wife she felt she should be. Although she and her husband had dated for several years before marriage and had a wonderful relationship in those years, once she married it all seemed to change for her.

I will only go into enough detail to give you a general idea of Susan's situation. Susan shared that she was molested over a period of 7 years as a child during which she was repeatedly programmed by her abuser that "This is dirty. Never let anyone do this to you". In her adult life, she was able to have a satisfying sexual life regardless of the programming. Susan also shared that she had received a hysterectomy at an early age and was prescribed hormone replacement therapy in supplement form. She didn't realize how much the hormone replacement therapy played a part in her life until the doctors told her that she had to stop them. Soon after stopping the therapy she and her love of many years decided to get married. The honeymoon was brutal because she could no longer enjoy intimacy due to the pain. The reason for the pain and dryness, she thought, was because they stopped her hormone therapy and she was very angry about that.

Susan also reported that she often was so faint that she felt as though she was not in her body and worried about passing out in front of others, especially in public or in front of clients.

Another of Susan's complaints was that anything that she ate came right back out the other end. Susan and her new husband often entertained business associates and clients at formal dinners. The inability to sit through a dinner was causing her great stress and anxiety. She shared that it was very distressing to be in the company of others when food was present because she would go into an anxiety attack and couldn't breathe which was very embarrassing not only for her but for her husband. Susan had always been a small woman, some 100 pounds most of the time, but was down to 82 pounds at the time of her call to me due to the inability to retain her food/calories.

Susan and I agreed that her most pressing issue was the ability to retain food. Right now her health was at risk. So, the first session was focused on her anxiety over clients, food, weight and the ability to stay present.

I went through the steps for EMO and we began to resolve her negative beliefs and programs about food, weight, how people feel about you and her self-image. I also shared with Susan how to ground herself when she felt faint and gave her a few of the Sacred Activations that I am certified in to assist her. The session ended with me going over the steps for EMO and grounding with her that she can use at any time.

Susan was amazed at the simplicity of it all. How in the world could you erase such pain and embarrassment with three simple words "soften and flow"? She was amazed and a little unsure that the effects would last. Before ending the call, Susan reported that her stomach was growling and she was looking forward to eating a bite when we got off the call.

The next day she messaged me that that she had a very restful night. She no longer had anxiety attacks and was able to stay present in the company of others. Although her appetite had returned she was still having only occasional bouts of the inability to hold onto her food but was feeling much better and had more strength.

The second session we focused on her intimate relationship. Instead of taking her through her childhood memories to resolve them, we worked on her reaction to her husband during intimacy. In the first round she could envision herself slapping his hand away. After a little soften and flow she felt more relaxed about the possibilities. In the second round she said she didn't feel anything. When I asked her if there was a shield and where it was she was able to describe it in great detail. I coached her through creating a tiny pin prick in the shield and she successfully softened and flowed the energy. Although, she was in agreement to creating a larger hole, she said that she didn't feel any energy. I asked her if she perceived another shield. Why yes, yes she did.... She perceived an actual steel chastity belt! Susan agreed to put a tiny pin prick in that shield and we began to soften and break that shield down one step at a time. Once that shield was down and I asked "when he reaches for you, where do you feel that in your body" Susan said with surprise in her voice "I actually see myself leaning into him... it's kinda nice!". With the second shield down we returned to the first shield to see what remained of it. Susan felt confident in just taking down that first shield by smashing it with a hammer. When we returned to the original complaint her response was very favourable at the mention of intimacy. After the third round she was looking forward to testing it out when her husband got home from work.

Although we didn't work on her appetite, retaining food or her dizziness during the second session, she reported the day after the second session that she had a very pleasurable night. She also reported that her appetite was back and she was able to retain her food without any incident. Her energy had returned and her enthusiasm for life with it.

This is not the first time that I have seen a client with a backup shield just in case the first one was taken down. The human being is so intricate and so imaginative. It is always a pleasure to work with people who are ready to heal.

Susan purchased a package of five sessions. She has three to go. I am looking forward to the possibilities of the next three sessions for her!ย 

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