EMO Case Story: Plagued by Panic Attacks

EMO Case Story: Plagued by Panic Attacks

EMO Trainer & author Dr. Eric Robins shows just how quick EMO can work, even when facing a problem that has been engrained in the client's energy system for 5 years.

Dr Robins writes:ย About one month ago I was seeing a gentleman in the emergency room. We got to talking about some of the mind-body healing stuff that I do. His wife perked up and asked me if I thought EMO could help her.

She explained that about 5 years earlier, when she was 55 years old, she had her first asthma attack and it almost killed her. Every day since then, she was plagued by panic attacks and could feel her lungs tightening up. She said that her adult son lived with her and spent about half of his free time every day "talking her down" from the anxiety. I had her think about the initial asthma attack and she immediately got a panicked look on her face. I said, "Notice where you feel that in your body" and her hands went to her upper chest. I said, "Notice the raw sensation in that part of your body right at this moment, that is the feeling of stuck energy, and energy is meant to soften and flow. Allow it to soften and flow and find it's way through and out."

Within one minute the energy had flowed up into her throat, then into her shoulders and then down and out of her hands with 70% relief. We did one more round of Emotrance which left her in an energized end state, and unable to get any trace of emotion, anxiety or panic back.

I saw her back in the office today and she reported 100% relief of her symptoms and was ecstatic!!

Actually there was a nurse that night in the ER who had heard about my work and wanted to watch the session, and she literally almost lost it; I mean she almost passed out. It was such a fast shift and so thorough, and so far beyond anything that had previously been in her belief system, and the woman client was so energized and shifted so fast before our eyes...

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