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EMO Case Story: The Energy of Food

EMO Case Story: The Energy of Food

AMT Trainer Tony Leake has written a case story which details one clients battle with weight issues, and how using EMO to adjust her energetic relationship to food has made some big changes in her life.

Tony writes:ย Ellie came to me as she has been struggling with weigh loss for several years.

When she arrived she was very tense, visibly, she sat with her legs crossed and her arms folded.
I explained very briefly that we deal with emotions but we take all of the labels off them, and then we call it energy instead.

She said that she didn't know what to expect and was feeling a little nervous. Perfect, I asked her where she felt that nervousness in her body and began to show her emotrance...

Very quickly she felt the energy soften and it began to flow towards her stomach. We played with that for a while, didn't find an exit point but she was visibly more relaxed (legs still crossed though) and said that she felt very calm and peaceful and wanted to talk about weight loss. I could sense that she had come along expecting to do a lot of talking and needed to get her connected with her feelings rather than her thoughts.

I asked her to think about weight loss or being slim, or being fat or anything that seemed to be the right thing to focus on right now that she could feel in her body. She got one and I didn't ask her what it was, we just began to emotrance it through. This time it was in her throat and she got it really quickly, it needed to flow up through her mouth which it did. She was moving her hands very slowly, I asked her to move them a little faster to get the energy moving better but she said she didn't want to. She felt peaceful and calm and that she wasn't ready to do it any faster yet and that she was happy feeling calm. I explained that if she has been hurting then of course it is desirable to take away the pain and feel calm and how much more there is to life. I was really starting to relax into the session and felt that Ellie was now starting to understand what we were doing.

She confirmed this by telling me that she can now really feel the energy moving and how wonderful it is. She began to talk about her son and how he needs this and I explained that she can do this with him now, she has the tools. Everything was very conversational which was great and she told me that her thing was she likes to eat real artisan bread, that she feels guilty about it, it makes her think that people are calling her fat and she feels she is letting herself and them down by not being slim.

I asked her where she feels this upset in her body and we began again. I was amazed how natural and l this was and how she was easily opening up to me and showing me where all of her blockages are. She was now standing up (finally!!) and the energy was moving a little faster, as we were doing it I explained about the energised end state and how she would know when we got there.

We were doing well but she did keep going back to labelling things, she talked about how she felt deprived when she wanted to eat the bread and can't.

I explained to her about energy nutrition, and I asked her to think about the bread and how that made her feel, where she felt it and we began to trance that through. She got this straight away, she smiled for the first time she told me how good it felt she began to go into metaphor land and how it was a warm feeling like sitting in a meadow next to a stream on a summer day with buttercups all around her. I congratulated her on finding this feeling but reminded her that in emotrance we need to remember that feeling is only an energy. It was perfect then to explain that is the energy that she is seeking from the bread, that her energy body is trying to get this pleasure and if it wants to get it from the bread then she had to let it. To enjoy the bread, to love it and to get the energy from it that she is craving. We both began to get a bit emotional at this point and she began to talk more about the bread. She told me that she has a dream to run a bakery and make and sell her own bread and cakes, she was getting more and more excited and when she got to the point that she said she wanted to go right now and start looking for premises and finding someone to help her write a business plan I knew we had done as much as we could today. At this point her hands were moving through the air all around her and she said how amazed she was that she knew this was her energy all around her and she could feel it in the room and she knew that I could feel it too. I pointed out what she was doing and reminded her that this was the energised end state that we are aiming towards.

The whole session from ring on the doorbell to putting on her coat to leave was 30 minutes.

She has been back for 3 more sessions since โ€“ all in the space of 2 weeks. It's too early to tell how her weight loss is going long term although she has lost a little. What really has happened though is that she now feels fantastic about herself. We have touched on many past issues such as her parents telling her she was too fat at 12 years old and putting her on a diet to buying ice cream for her brother but her not being allowed to have one. There are many more of these issues which in the past have caused her much upset but it's been amazing to see her literally brush them off as they come up and to hear her say that none of it is important any longer, it's how she is feeling now that matters.

One last side note โ€“ a few days ago she took her lunch to work which included a chocolate biscuit. In the past she would have spent all morning craving the chocolate but this time it didn't bother her. When she had eaten her lunch she realised that she was full and didn't need to eat anything else and the biscuit went home with her uneaten. She has had comments both from her husband and colleagues about how confident and full of life she has become lately.

Tony Leake, 2013

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