EMO Case Story: Throwing Energy (Balls!)

EMO Case Story: Throwing Energy (Balls!)

Margareet Vink, an GoE Trainer from the Netherlands, writes:ย I discovered the throwing of energy during an EMO training I did. There was somebody working on a shield and I was not quite convinced that the energy was flowing freely.

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So I held out my arms and raised the kind of energy, let's say friendship energy. I asked the person "Can you handle this amount of friendship energy?" He said yes, so I threw the energy at him. I was quite amazed that he recognised it as the type of energy that was needed. So I spread my arms a bit wider, raised more friendship energy and said "Can you handle this amount too?" He said yes again, and I continued until I had almost a truckload of energy. He got better and better in letting it go in, through and out and reached the Energised End State.

I just thought that this was wonderful and I have used it ever since. In the beginning especially after dissolving shields, later also in regular treatments just to get them easier into the EES. People like it a lot too. And you can make them laugh if you let them see non verbally how heavy this big amount of energy is. And it is not pretending, you do feel the weight, although it is not really heavy. I also look at both sides of the energy and am impressed by the size of it. This may all sound a bit weird but just try it and you will see.

I have found out that is has a lot of similarities with The Gift, even though I didn't see that at first. With The Gift you send what comes up, and with raising energy you ask for a certain energy.

It is so funny that they always, always recognise it as the energy that was needed. I am so grateful toย my energy mind that it presented this option to me.

Margreet Vink, 2013

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