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EMO Case Story: Work Stress? What Stress!

EMO Case Story: Work Stress? What Stress!

AMT Trainer Tony Leake from Nottinghamshire, England writes:ย Heather has previously done a couple of EFT sessions with me. Although she got a lot from them but hasn't been for a while. She described the previous sessions as being very intense and had found that talking about previous aspects had been uncomfortable for her.

I suggested that we try another session with EMO as a way to help her without ever needing to talk which she agreed would be a good thing...

Read on for the full case story

When she arrived she seemed very nervous which is very out of character. Her posture was very closed and she looked physically a little scared.

We talked about this a little and agreed it was because she was a little stressed as she had no idea what we were going to do so after a very quick definition of what emotions are we set off to learn EmoaTrance.

I asked her where she felt this in her body. Straight away she pointed to her throat and put her hands there. I reminded her that it's only an energy and encouraged her to begin to soften it. She didn't take much coaxing and very quickly without being prompted to look for an exit point she said it needs to flow up and out of her eyes and traced the path with her hands.

I was amazed. I have never seen anyone 'get it' so quickly before and she moved this energy easily out of her energy body.

Two minutes later I was telling her that this is what EMO is and she was very surprised how simple it is and how suddenly she was feeling better.

I asked her what has been causing her the most stress recently (as this was the original thing that we were working on with EFT) and she said it was work.

I asked her where she felt this in her body and she pointed to and told me it was in the pit of her stomach. We worked this through and as we did she was now beginning to smile and to make much broader strokes with her hands. I encouraged her to stand up at this point as I could sense that her energy was now beginning to move. I was beginning to get excited about how quickly things were moving.

She was now making quite exaggerated movements with her hands and we were just casually chatting as she did this. At one point she said "you know, I'm really enjoying this โ€“ it really feels like fun" I laughed at this and reminded her that this is what life is meant to be like, fun and joyful. She kept moving for several minutes becoming more and more animated and then suddenly said "I get it now, it's all stress that's all there ever was" I got a tremendous energy rush as she said that and we talked a little more about how true this is, that there is nothing wrong with her, nothing abnormal that she has just been stressed lately. We talked about brightening the spirit and she realised that she spends a lot of time feeding her mind and taking care of her body but that actually has never done anything about her spirit.

I asked her how she was feeling now and she said very good but that her shoulders were aching. I asked her if it was a physical ache or an energetic one. She thought for a minute and said that she thought it was a bit of both. That she noticed when she is stressed that she hunches up her shoulders which of course will make them ache.

As we began to soften and flow that she said "it comes from my mum" and told me how he mum had always told her to stand up straight and pull her shoulders back and that sometimes her body just wanted to go 'aggghhh' (and she made a kind of very relaxed slumping motion). I asked her where she felt that in her body when her mum told her that. Back to the throat and we worked that through.

She was now feeling very good, a few small blockages here and there - we didn't even touch on where they came from we just worked them through and she was feeling very good.

Her movements were very animated by this point and so were mine as I encouraged her. She commented at one point that we were almost dancing together which made me smile when I thought of the client practitioner dance.

I explained about even flow and that that was what we were trying to achieve and asked her what would get her there. She didn't know so I asked her to think of the rest of her day ahead and to notice where she felt that and we began to EMO it through. We got to one point and I saw her face drop as she said she needed to do some reading with Chloe (her daughter) I asked her where she felt that and again it was in her throat but this time it wanted to go down, all the way to her legs.

After a couple of minutes of that she said that actually, she was really looking forward to that time now, it was wonderful mother and daughter time and that she really cherished it. That was so strong that it brought tears to my eyes too. If the only thing that she gets from this session is that this 10 minutes with her daughter is more precious than all of the worrying about work that she does then a wonderful thing will have happened.

Her energy was now flowing well so we finished the session there. We talked about the importance of practising this, in the moment whenever possible and to pay attention to where her hands went.

Two weeks later and we have chatted a couple of times. She has told me that that day turned out to be one the best days ever and that she now works often on brightening her spirit.

Tony Leake, 2013

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