EMO Conference 2007 Review

EMO Conference 2007 Review

The Fifth Annual International EMO Conference took place in Brighton, UK, on the last weekend in April. As always, it was delightful to welcome old friends and new alike to the extraordinary world of EMO. For four days, we worked together, learned from each other, played together and got together to plan new projects and exciting new expansions. Click through for a review by Silvia Hartmann, pictures from the Conference plus to listen in to the closing ceremony of ET07.

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In Review

With six presenters, forty trainers and over a hundred delegates, the Fifth Annual EMO conference took place at the Thistle Hotel in Brighton, UK.

The purpose of this conference was to provide a bridge between the general trainings format of previous EMO gatherings, and move forward with the times and development into a full conference format.

This year and for the last time, the first two days were dedicated to both presenting a wide variety of experiences with the fascinating techniques of EMO - the original healing and counseling approaches, the concepts and applications of working with shields and the fascinating Energy Nutrition, which can do so much to literally transform the experiences of an individual of everything they encounter; the "clean logic" approaches to Energy Exorcisms; and the underlying basics of working with energy, information, and direct feedback that are so central to the theory and practise of EMO.

The third day was reserved to be a showcase for "second generation" EMO applications such as BeauTy T, which deals with the very basics of the self concept on the energetic levels, created by Silvia Hartmann; The Love Clinic, which focuses on how we process energies in intimate and romantic relationships with the most surprising results, developed by Sandra Hillawi; and Peak Performance with EMO, a fascinating application of "Project Energy" for goal setting and achievement, developed by Reto Wyss. These wonderful applications which impact not just old injuries and feelings, but also thought, beliefs and cognition in the most powerful way, are a real sign post to the future of possibilities which are made real through the simple tools that EMO provides.

Conference delegates arrived from 14 different countries, and as always, a wide variety of ethnic, cultural and faith backgrounds from such very different people made for a truly fascinating group that was united by the common wish to learn more about ourselves, and to help others not just heal, but prosper, and shine.

Five years after the first introduction of EMO, there is now a noticeable difference between the newcomers and those who have been "Living Energy" for some time. It was really delightful to see old friends again, and to find out how they have prospered, what they have built, and to hear about their plans for the future.

To newcomers, it can be a shock how informal and intimate EMO gatherings are; but on the most part, they soon leave their old ideas behind and gladly join into the co-operative spirit, where there are no gurus up above and devotees down below, but instead, real human beings who sincerely want to help each other on their lives path.

There is also a great relief in understanding that with EMO, you don't have to be perfect in order to be precious and valuable - to yourself, but also to the others who are benefiting from your intentions and energies.

EMO is always and has always been about being real, being unashamedly HUMAN and most importantly, being honest with yourself and others, so that we have a baseline from which we can evaluate where we really are, and then progress from there quite practically towards having more fun and joy in life, more satisfaction in work, and more delight in all the many things this beautiful world has to offer our species.

This was the last time the new students and the old hands had the same programme; for next year's conference, the practitioner training will be uncoupled and offered as a pre-conference training. This will allow more EMO trainers to present THEIR unique developments, applications and innovations and share their experiences with the global EMO family.

Personally, I am truly delighted at the excitement and energy that people are both finding in the EMO system, as well as what they are bringing of themselves to EMO. This is exactly the right way forward, and this is what will make EMO continue on, from strength to strength, and stay vibrantly alive as it grows.

I would like to thank all the conference delegates for their time, interest, energy and for bringing their unique selves to the 2007 EMO conference; our wonderful trainers who are going out there and spreading the word; our delightful presenters, who gave so much of themselves over the course of the conference; the administrative and support staff for their hard work and bright energy; and especially Alex Kent, who has been working tirelessly to make this conference happen and give us all this excellent opportunity to work, learn and play with energy in a whole new way.

Silvia Hartmann

May 5th, 2007

EMO 2007 Closing Ceremony Live Audio

Thistle Brighton, baking under a really unusual super-hot April sky

From The Feedback Forms EMO 07:


"Enjoyed the conference, then I had a personal breakthrough that was most precious to me. Thank you all."

"Brilliant - I've learned so much."

"EMO is such a revolutionary concept/technique, so full of truth, so full of potential."

"Sunday has been an amazing day. Full of fun!"

"Beauty T was well presented and very powerful."

"I found the conference useful to expand on the knowledge and ideas."

"I am in awe of the possibilities that open up with EMO."

"The Love Clinic was well presented and a powerful concept."

"Silvia, Sandra, Reto, Steve, Susann and Nicola were great. Please tell them Thank You! from me."

"Lovely to meet up with many friends and also make new ones!"

"Everything was helpful in one way or the other."

"Beautiful, skillful presentations."

"A fantastic, wonderful time - I loved every day, especially Silvia."

"Wonderful to be able to work on these major issues for ourselves."

"Energy Dancing was absolutely fascinating and energizing!"

"I see a great opportunity opening up to me because I will be the first EMO trainer in my country."

"I think Emotrance is an absolutely magical, wonderful system, and yes I think Silvia is a genius to have made this system so simple to do. Wonderful!"

"Silvia was amazing - it is such an honour to watch her, to learn from her."

"A true privilege to work with trainers and healers of this caliber."

"The Peak Performance, BeauTy T and Love Clinic sessions were worth the price of the conference alone."

"Energy Nutrition is such a revolutionary concept - I'm just in awe of what I will be able to do with that and I can't wait to get back to my clients/practise."

"Energy Hypnosis was too short, I could have spend days on this."

"Awesome conference."

"Beauty T is aย  wonderful, beautiful treatment."

"Each year, EMO impresses me again with its simplicity and power."

"Performance Mastery was excellent - thought provoking and a real performance."

"Thank you everyone for making this conference a truly enjoyable experience."

"Before coming to this conference, I had not realised how far reaching the ideas behind EMO were."

"Outstanding. I felt as though I was finally coming home to the truth."

"A fascinating time and a massive amount of learning - almost overwhelming for a complete novice to EMO but thank goodness for contact with other EMOrs who were happy to discuss and explain."

"Enjoyed the weekend immensely - in and out of the training rooms."

"Having been with EMO from the start, I am so delighted to see all these new ideas and applications come to light."

"Wow - I'll never be the same again! (And thank God for that!)."

"EMO is something I realise now I can take with me and it is going to change my life. Outstanding."

"EMO is such a groundbreaking and fabulous human development concept!"

"I have learned and experienced loads of fabulous energy information."

Amy Hamilton outside the hotel on the seafront.

Camera malfunction, energy vortex or just the EMO creators being in a slightly different dimension?!

Sandra explaining the concepts of Energy Nutrition to the first day delegates.


Sandra Hillawi & Susann Forsberg

Nicola Quinn & Silvia Hartmann, being very, very, VERY serious ...

... and Susann Forsberg & Reto Wyss demonstrating how much fun EMO can be.


Reto Wyss with red energy balls, demonstrating the principles of advanced quantum goal setting techniques with EMO.

Sandra Hillawi preparing for The Love Clinic.

An EMO conference wouldn't be right if there wasn't at least one outbreak of Marps.

Steve Collins showing an example of an Art Solutions energy magic environmental device.

... and Leslie Ackermann putting into practise what she heard and creating her very own first symbol painting in her hotel room at night.

Lunch in the Lanes

Margarita Foley, Susann Forsberg, Sandra Hillawi, Silvia Hartmann, Steve Collins & Nicola Quinn.

Alex Kent, conference organiser extraordinaire.

Trainer's Day 2007 - Day 3 is always the most fun all around, it's true.


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