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EMO Conference 2013 - Exploring The 1st Circuitry

This year's conference has a research format to investigate "the power of love" as a practical energy system occurrence. Here is a short excerpt from the conference manual about the program for the two days.


Now, we're going to explore the 1st Circuitry, how it feels, how it runs, and most importantly, when it fails.

We will be going through the main topics that are challenges to modern people such as ourselves, track it back to the 1st Circuitry and develop new approaches to not just bring the 1st Circuitry online briefly, but essentially, PERMANENTLY.

So that that high, โ€œin loveโ€ state is the DEFAULT - that to which we naturally bounce back after something happens, be that a good or bad event, it matters not.

ย We're shifting what is the Zero on the EFT SUE scale to the PLUS TEN.

ย That can be our new Zero and we'll await the next evolution to push it out even further.

ย This is the purpose of this year's conference - to find ways to be in love.




Here are the topics we will be discussing and co-researching in detail.


Survival, Life & Death - The basics of feeling strong in yourself and ready to interact with reality. Being fully present and "out of illusion" is one of the challenges of this, should be really interesting.


Health & Healing - Lots of us energists are healers, and there's that "healer heal thyself" thing. Simply put, when the 1st Circuitry fires properly, of course your "healing powers" take a threshold shift too. Lots to explore here!


Motivation & Reality Creating - This has everything to do with the 1st Circuitry because that's where the sheer power comes from to do what must be done. But that's also about getting clear on what you want to do, so that's a very important topic for many amongst us.


Wealth, Money & Artefacts - The material expression of the state of the energy system in a nutshell. Traditionally, spiritual people have begged with bowls of rice and left human reality at the mercy of "the bankers." Time for a change I think ...


Relationships & Networks - That's all about "playing well with others" in essence and has everything to do with how easy, fun and eventually satisfying life will become.


Sex & Love - That's pure 1st Circuitry but it's not about "dating" at all. We've had some fantastic and really surprising results with this and want to learn more!


Luck, Synchronicity & Magic - It's the weirdest thing. When you're on form, on song, really "on" - you become magical as a direct side effect. Like the Universe is smiling at you. And that's an important X-factor, being in the right place at the right time, meeting the right people ... ooh!


Spirituality - The more I do this, the more I am convinced that spirituality is about being alive instead of "withdrawing from the earthly realm." We get to do that when we die! A powerful, living spirituality is in my mind the greatest gift of all, so that's a good one to finish with on Sunday :-)

All these topics and many more directly relate to the 1st Circuitry.

We will be using existing EMO, Advanced EMO, Energy Magic, Events Psychology and also Project Sanctuary Patterns to work on the 1st Circuitry, to not just randomly light it up but for us to learn how to work with it, how to live with it, and most of all, how to use it to EMPOWER us in a whole new way.

Excerpt from the 2013 Conference Manual by Silvia Hartmann


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