EMO Energy Festival!! with Silvia Hartmann

For the first time ... for the last time ... for the ONLY time ... Presenting EMO Levels 1, 2 and 3 ALL TOGETHER in one weekend - EMO Live In Eastbourne with Silvia Hartmann & Nicola Quinn

28/29/30 November 2003

Since its inception in 2002, EMO, Silvia Hartmann's radical system of energy health and nutrition has created waves.

18 months later, this extraordinary multi-level, multi-purpose tool set for understanding the ways of the energy world in a whole new and coherent way has evolved - and we now have EMO levels 2 and 3.

Originally intended for existing trainers and practitioners only, the presentation of these truly extraordinary and unique concepts, techniques, approaches and tools for personal healing and pro-active development has been opened to others who are fascinated with the worlds of energy by the addition of a ONE DAY FAST TRACK PRACTITIONER TRAINING up front.

There will be many trainings for, about and with EMO, but never again quite something like this!

Here is the schedule:

Day 1 - Fast Track EMO Practitioner Training with Nicola Quinn.

Covering EMO Level 1 Techniques, Skills and Abilities for personal and practitioner use, with specially designed exercises. Full EMO Practitioner certification results from this one day training.

Cost: £125.00 for non-practitioners, £50.00 for ET trainers/practitioners who wish to join in.

Day 2 - First Ever Presentation Of EMO Level 2 with Silvia Hartmann

The EMO Level 2 techniques deal with the wider energy body, and the energy body-to-mind connection. Featuring the breakthrough HEROS systems from which the superbly userfriendly and powerful Thought Flow, Heart Healing & Snow Globe techniques derive, this is truly exciting stuff at the very frontier of human research into using the energy system as the Creator designed it for us in the first place.

This set includes techniques and exercises for resolving conflicts, dealing with polarities, repairing the wider energy body, advanced shield work, shadow and past resolution and extremely powerful applications such as KeepSakes, Shadows, HitchHikers to restore cohesion in and maximise the functioning of, the energy body.

ET2 also includes the concepts of the Totality, and of the Construct.

Day 3 - First Ever Presentation Of EMO Level 3 with Silvia Hartmann

The very latest techniques sets from the extraordinary universe of EMO, Level 3 deals with the re-unification of the physical body with the totality.

The very worst of all injuries human beings have received, stored, and which are making elegant functioning of course entirely impossible, reside within the physicality itself and at the closest levels of energy systems to the physicality itself.

Here is a realm of systems that cannot speak for themselves as they have no language; who cannot call for help or attention; who are carrying the most enormous burdens of sadness and disgrace and which need to be reached by an integrated combination of true attention and direct touch.

Extremely basic and extremely powerful exactly because of this, working with the physicality in this way is a truly profound experience and a homecoming to self for which many have longed their entire lives.

EMO Level 3 includes healing techniques and exercises that move right up to peaceful healing resolution; but then beyond that into the realms of POSITIVE physical expressions of laughter, dance and song, available again when the suffering has ceased and forward movement becomes a possibility once more.

Cost: Day 2 & 3 - £249.00 for practitioners, £100 for trainers.

This is a unique training set which is the first EVER public presentation of the new EMO techniques from the forthcoming "Fields Of Stars" manual by Silvia Hartmann.

This workshop will also provide the foundations for the standard EMO Advanced Practitioner Training sets which will be taught by the licensed EMO trainers in the future; but will of course also include additional materials and bonus techniques for the participants on the day.

A particular bonus feature of the EMO system is that ALL THE TECHNIQUES and all the many different methods and approaches can be used in a totally seamless mix-and-match style, both in self help as well as in professional work, because all the techniques derive logically and organically from an underlying concept of how to work with the human totality that is entirely cohesive and theoretically sound.

All EMO techniques and all EMO theory has been exhaustively researched and tested with REAL HUMAN BEINGS to find out what really works, what is really true, and at the end of the day, WHAT MORE WE CAN BECOME.

The November Presentations are a unique opportunity to learn in theory, by observation of others and through the incontrovertible evidence of YOUR OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCE the superb new EMO techniques directly from and with the originator, Silvia Hartmann, herself.

Silvia does not conduct routine and standard trainings on a repeating schedule as her focus is primarily on research and developing NEW methodologies and approaches. This means that if you are interested in live exercises and presentations of this brand new material, there will not be another chance to experience this set in its totality.

For booking information on this unique and deeply valuable training experience, please click HERE.

* All Participants Will Receive A Personally Signed First Edition, Pre-Publications Copy Of "Fields Of Stars" as an acknowledgement of their input and experience with these systems and techniques on Silvia's request.

As EMO is a NEW system, NO previous qualifications or experiences with Energy Therapies, Healing or Psychology are required to take part fully and gain experience from this training. However, we ask that you should be sincerely interested in the material and committed to partaking fully in the interactive exercises and to supporting your fellow participant's experiences to the best of your abilities. EMO is NOT a spectator sport.

For further background on this training event, here are a number of related articles to give you a more personal insight into EMO and its trainings designs:

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Any questions? Please mail here or call  07817 113740 to speak with Nicola directly.

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 The Patterns and Techniques of EMO Vol. 1
by Silvia Hartmann

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